Monthly Archives: September 2014

Resign Behind Schedule

Until now the president of the Council of Direction of the General Society of Authors and Editores (SGAE), Teddy Baptist, will behind schedule present/display this his resignation to the position while its judicial future is clarified. According to they have confirmed to the COUNTRY different sources near the SGAE, Baptist in addition has put his position at the disposal of the board of directors of the organization that arose the past from the elections of 30 of June, and it will do the same day in which the first meeting of the meeting is held, that has begun in Madrid past the 16,00 hours. The board of directors is formed by 38 members – seven of great straight (dramatists, composers and coregrafos), 16 of small (composers and authors of music), seven of straight audio-visual and eight of musical publishers; but about 25 have only gone today to the meeting in the palace of Longoria. Among them, the own Teddy Baptist, as president (in functions) of the Council of Direction; Francisco Galindo, Secretary General of the organization and Pablo Hernandez, director of the legal department. No of the assistants has fact declarations to the entrance. Apparently the cantautor Victor Manuel is not in the meeting to be acting in Chile. The musician Sabino Mndez has announced who will read an agreed official notice by the board of directors and that will not admit questions. Source of the news: : Baptist will resign behind schedule this to his position in the SGAE.