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Screwpull Keilbach

The Hamburg-based shipping House starts immediately the most beautiful products of the brand Keilbach leads ‘beautiful life’. The Hamburg-based shipping House is really nice live”takes the most beautiful products of the brand now Keilbach. The Keilbach brand products are functional, have a clear shape and are subject to any trends. Many of the products were awarded with various prizes. In the House of Keilbach the design principle reduction, taking on an honest approach to functional requirements, according to the design Maxim form follows function”, is respected. A high value and highlighting the sensuality of the materials used are typical for the design brand products Keilbach. How about the naomi, the top model in the dressing rooms? She is petite and delicate and can take up but a lot of clothes. Also, it was awarded with various prizes.

You should not miss also the shells voilaund architec. The Bowl architect was award with the design plus 2010 Award and even for the design award Nominated for Germany 2011. Or know already the excellent piece of furniture sixteen.2? It is the stool and side table at the same time and can be used by various accessories versatile. As innovative home design on the inside of the apartment not limited there by Keilbach-many beautiful products for outdoor: discover the letter boxes of the series glasnost, which will have a high life expectancy through careful processing and come through the timeless design never out of fashion. Or fuji fire pit, which year-round stands out as an art object and can be used as a grill. Make with the floor mats from Keilbach sure that the dirt stays outside and create a focal point at your doorstep.

Do the Piepmatzen in your area with the feeding site pick.up and the Bird House twitter something good. Brand products Keilbach will find you live on really beautiful under: keilbach.html really nice live leads in addition to Keilbach exclusively top brands such as Alessi, alfi,. Bodum, Eva solo, Eva trio, Gude knife, Holmegaard, iittala, KAHLA, Kai Messer, Konstantin Slawinski, Le Creuset, Mauviel, menu, mono, Morphy Richards, Normann Copenhagen, Peugeot, pot, Rosendahl, radius design, Royal VKB, clay pot, Screwpull capsule cutter, side by side, Stelton, and Wusthof Knives. Our press service: We are always happy to help for the search and processing of all residential design themes and available advice and support to the page. We get journalists and media ideas, hints and tips for brands, products and design awards. We provide you also with professional, high resolution and printable product photos, detailed product and manufacturer information and patterns. Press contact really beautiful gmbh Ebrahim Bergstrasse 59 22767 Hamburg Matthias of Rahul 040 30 99 48 21

CAMPZ – The New Online Shop Of Internetstores AG

Esslingen 03.12.2010 the internetstores AG, Esslingen, September was awarded the German Founder’s Prize in the category ‘Movers’, opened a new online shop with CAMPZ. The Esslinger internetstores AG company was promoted recently with the German Founder’s Prize in the category”award. In particular the main shop stood in the focus of the jurors. With the internetstores a new, is now 16 online shop the market. So far, it connects internetstores especially shops in the bike and fitness industry. CAMPZ, however, reveals a new Brancheab: here the entire topic of outdoor, camping, traveling revolves around. The inveterate camper up to the school-leavers who travels around the world, here everyone will find the right.

Motorhome accessories or clothing, outdoor equipment or water sports, CAMPZ covers a wide range and offers products of all leading manufacturers. We have expertise in online trading”, as Rene Marius Kohler, founder and CEO of internetstores AG. Only a matter of time was to develop new industries. We have won employees directly from the scene, arriving exactly on the needs of our customers.” That the internetstores has AG the necessary Know-How, to create an outdoor shop in the life, confirm also the responsible of the German Founder’s prize, which awarded the deep understanding of the medium of the Internet and the sophisticated logistics system of AG. In addition, expert category manager with many years of industry experience were hired. They take care of the selection of high-quality assortment of shops and customers via phone, live chat and email service in all questions competently. About internetstores internetstores AG is the and a specialty mail order companies for bikes, bike accessories, clothing, and fitness articles with their two online stores. In addition to the two Hauptonlineshops, the E-commerce company operates more German online shops.

Through the webshop,, and and and represented the internetstores AG is also in other European countries. At its Stuttgart headquarters internetstores opened a stationary shop that offers a fine selection of high-quality online range approximately 1,200 square meters in 2009 also. Board of Directors of the medium-sized company is Rene Marius Kohler, the internetstores year GmbH founded in 2003. The transformation of the legal form joint-stock company took place in 2008. Premises Esslingen/Neckar, the seat of administration, logistics and storage, are approximately 120 employees and staff employed, which generated revenue of around 30 million euros in the fiscal year 2009/2010. In addition to a wide range of articles from the bike and fitness industry the internetstores AG also relies on outstanding customer service and community education. “The webshop has in the year 2007 by the magazine in the mail-order consultant” online shop of the year award “received. The following year, got the shop usability Award”in the category best Product presentation”. In 2008 was also among the six finalists of the German Internet Prize”. In addition, Rene Marius Kohler at the middle-class campaign of encouragement of the nation was”country winner 2008 in Baden-Wurttemberg. The founder of internetstores was also in the final of the contest entrepreneur of the year 2009 “. Internetstores was awarded the TOP 100 Award this year as one of the 100 most innovative companies in the middle-class.

February Conference

Funding and merchandising in the games industry are the main topics of the interdisciplinary conference in Hamburg Hamburg, February 18, 2010: the ever-growing games industry opened their actors, but also other industries, new opportunities for business and innovation. Where these are more specifically, it shows Hamburg games Conference 2010. The first edition of the Conference will take place on April 8, 2010 at the Hamburg Bucerius Law School and deals specifically with the topic areas in the games industry financing and merchandising. National and international experts from banks, publishers, games companies and consulting firms with practical examples about current developments introduce themselves in two panels. The Hamburg games Conference 2010 is an event of the media law firm Garcia lawyers in collaboration with gamecity: Hamburg. Registration is possible under. The views outside the box car and current trends best use with this claim was initiated the Hamburg games Conference.

This is held now annually and dedicated to different topics. Target is to hold discussions with experts of from different sectors about current trends in the practice, as well as their assessment in the respective industries. Kick-off is at April 8, 2010 at the Bucerius Law School. The kick-off event topics are finance and merchandising in the games industry. In the Panel financing experts from banks, public funding agencies, as well as private investors provide an overview of the different funding opportunities in the computer games industry. \”Under the theme of merchandising in the games market the undiscovered treasure\” movie producers, newspaper and book publishers as well as merchandisers and games publisher about chances, their experiences and the latest trends in this area refer to the second Panel.

Participation in the event will cost 75 euros plus VAT interested can at register. The detailed programme and details of the speakers are also available through the Web site. The Hamburg games Conference The Hamburg games Conference is one of the media law firm Garcia lawyers initiated interdisciplinary conference dedicated to the games industry.

The Academy

Info box: About Ronald Gothert Ronald Gothert is born in 1964. Since the early of 1990s, he dealt intensively with the contexts and effects of subtle levels and explores its significance. Since 1999, he has worked professionally in the field. To allow as many people to benefit from its research results, Ronald Gothert the training to the profession of the fine fabric consultant and the fine fabric guide has been designed method after the Gothertschen. In the Academy for the Gothertsche method GmbH forms he since 2007 people for the future profession of fine fabric consultant and the fine fabric Guide and, building, fine fabric teacher and the NDGM teacher of fine fabric. Info box: Method recognize the Gothertsche more and more people nowadays that we consist of not only our physical body. You can feel the subtle reality that surrounds us. This includes the atmosphere in rooms or in the nature as well as our personal being.

In the presence of many people, we feel well, others feel us We drained us and charged. Many want to be able to experience and understand, this subtle feeling. Right here, the doctrine of the subtle sets method to the Gothertschen. It explains how we can deal with fine fabric bodies and makes them comprehensible – and can be experienced. Knowing that in this reality as well as in the physical is the law of cause and effect among the foundations of the doctrine of the subtle.

Info box: The Academy of the Gothertsche method GmbH was founded, to appropriate conditions for professional training as a fine fabric consultant, to create the fine fabric consultant or the fine fabric teacher and the fine fabric teacher. You enable the lessons to develop a new, future-oriented vocational profile. The results of the education at a glance: You learn during the training, to feel the subtle levels, to see and to find your way around the subtle levels. Expand your personal competence the ability in dealing with the subtle levels addition to the areas of individual counseling and seminars. You will learn to associate other people the ability to communicate, to perceive the subtle levels and messed up troubled subtle levels (blockages). They learn to live, that no new subtle blockades must arise and learn to give it other people even so. Academy for the Gothertsche method GmbH Managing Director – Dr. Manuela Munkle new road 22 D – 21258 Heidenau Tel. + 49 (0) 4182 / 28 85 797 fax + 49 (0) 4182 / 28 51 82. press contacts: SMP BusinessCoaching Stephan Preiss Deininger road 48 c D – 92318 Neumarkt i.d.OPf. Tel. + 49 (0) 9181 / 511 498 fax + 49 (0) 9181 / 511 498 dear editors and journalists, if you learn more about the Gothertsche of method and the training for the fine fabric consultants, is the Managing Director, Ms. Dr. Manuela Munkle and Mr. Ronald Gothert for a personal interview in the Academy in Heidenau (near Hamburg), or on the phone available. Also we would like to offer you as editor and journalist, the possibility, free to participate in one of our many introductory and orientation seminars NDGM. Sign up directly through the Academy.

New Website Relaunch

Website of vertriebsunion meynen presents itself in a new design and with an extended range of the vertriebsunion meynen, the B-to-B service partner for publishers, associations and companies, is now online with a new website. The content and visually completely revised pages combine a high information content with a particularly user friendly navigation. The user passes through a clearly arranged menu navigation and many teaser easy and on a direct route to the desired information. The site focuses on the representation of the entire portfolio of services for marketing, sales and customer care. The service hotline under the interested parties free of charge can learn is new.

Latest news from the industry and the company invite you to regularly visit of the site. With the relaunch of we position ourselves on the Internet now, as it corresponds to our present range of services”, Karl-Heinz Behrens is looking forward, Managing Director vertriebsunion meynen, via the great new look. About the vertriebsunion meynen, the vertriebsunion meynen is a B-to-B Service Center for publishers, institutions and companies with services and IT tools for sales, marketing and customer care. The performance portfolio includes not only the sales day business (management, support, service, accounting, shipping, statistics), but also analysis and conceptual marketing advice. Another focus lies on the development of the online publishing division. From analogue to digital distribution by publishing products and services: A unique offer in German-speaking countries. Contact and information: Dr. Iris Schroder Maiwald corporate communications vertriebsunion meynen GmbH & co. KG large hub 10 65344 Eltville phone: 06123 / 9238 126 E-Mail:

Online Shop

E-commerce via the Internet is already part of a functioning economy. The business transactions via online shops and other portals belongs nowadays to the permanent repertoire of more and more customers. An ever increasing number of users reverts to a more comprehensive online offer. Because: It was never as easy as it is today, to build an online store, manage, and update. Technology that inspires the technological advances of our time allows the development and expansion of large systems: fast DSL and Internet connections provide a high speed transfer of data and information. Powerful servers and PCs process quickly larger amounts of data. Fully automated warehouse and inventory control system will find wanted products in the blink of an eye. Goods get through efficient postal and distribution centers in a very short time from A to B.

intelligent and user-friendly software solutions are the interfaces of all processes. Shop construction – the Foundation for your success the construction of Internet trade arises in the today’s time in principle straightforward dar, now operating solutions for any type of shop there. Is first to define, how extensive the range be designed accordingly to logistics must be shaped. The provider can decide between buying a storefront or a rental. – your full service agency market is competitive also in the Internet as a lone warrior stands one often losing battle.

A full service agency supports all aspects of the shop building and maintenance, including the implementation of legal rules and search engine marketing. The road to success – the customer is King with the installation of Internet trade alone, it is not done. The customer wants to be in the WWW King. Portfolio updates, special promotions, marketing campaigns and the like are needed, even if they require a high amount of time. Free of charge and without obligation at for more information related to e-commerce and online stores B & B consulting GbR with a focus on consulting, marketing, design, public relations and Internet is a new project of the owner-operated agency. Although in the portfolio a variety were looked after by portals with several 10,000 unique visitors per day and a total turnover of less than EUR 100 million in the year, emphasis this range of services offered to innovative entrepreneurs, the self-employed and small businesses which consistent and goal-oriented plan the step into the middle class and implement.