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Sales Managers

The success of the department of advertising and marketing is determined by growth of new customers, and performance quality promotional materials that are created in these great divisions. Advertising Sales Managers – the people creative, they work at the crossroads of different advertising techniques, collaborating with designers and Web gurus and they have created promotional materials are often beautiful, but to place them on a single advertising structure is not always easy. Fortunately, the time when it was not a thing of the distant past. You can, of course, put 2 or 3 Brochure Holder, each of which can accommodate a showcase of one format. And you can select advertising construction of perfolista, which is conveniently located pockets of any format.

There are a lot of advertising stands out perfolista, Price – 1900 rub. , The width of perforated Brochure can be from 24 to 45 cm Brochure can be equipped with various additional and useful elements that can be placed on a perforated Brochure – it's pockets, shelves, hooks, friezes for the company name or logo. Perforated promotional stands Brochure have modern design, can be painted in your corporate color or made to order, they may be collapsible (Purefoy 1, perforated, 2 Sail) or folding (Brig 1, Brig 2). Perforated Brochure – forever, she always find a place in your office or exhibition or in the demo room, it's the most versatile promotional stand, its design is simple, as all ingenious. Are also very beautiful combination Brochure. To the usual perforated Brochure or a special metal frame secured special plastic pockets. The combination of metal and plastic has many advantages. Transparent plastic attached to grace the heavy metal structure facilitates it. However, plastic pockets are very roomy, usually more capacious than metal, so the combined Brochure can accommodate a larger leaflets than the usual metal Brochure. On our site you can choose the most suitable option.


Rambler Classic 770 (1963) Boca nicknamed fish. In 1943 the industrialist Henry J. American origin Kaiser expressed his desire to build cars after the Second World War, like Joseph W. Frazer, chairman of Graham-Page. In 1945 both came together and created the United States Kaiser Frazer Corporation, and recently began trading in 1946 and vehicles bearing the names of its founders. In 1950 the line was expanded with the introduction of Henry J., a small sport. The market was reasonably successful, reaching 120,000 units of the Kaiser and Frazer models and 30,000 from the Henry J. Due to the small movement of the company could not compete with other brands and stopped producing the Frazer. In 1943 the plant acquired Willys Overland Motors Inc., which made Jeeps and Willys Aero Ace and Lark, then called Kaiser Motors Corporation, but due to major financial problems are left to the Henry J. Rambler American.In order to obtain greater success in 1954 decided to settle in Argentina. With 3,000 units per year, still had financial difficulties, and so on. Kaiser sent a proposal to the Argentine government that included the formation of a joint venture company formed by the state IAME, Kaiser Motors Corp. and the contribution of Argentine private groups who would participate through the purchase of shares for a total of 160 million pesos . The state also would give the new company crs worth 200 million pesos and car import permits for another 40 million. Approved by the higher authorities in 1955 began the operation of Industrias Kaiser Argentina (IKA), with a capital of 20 million dollars, of which 32 corresponded to the machinery and tools imported from the United States. At that time, the U.S. company Kaiser (most) changed its name to Kaiser Industries Corporation, while Willys Motors began only with the successful production of jeeps.In the mid-50 was exported several Kaiser Manhattan, which was the base of the sedan Argentina: the (1958-1962). In 1956 there were 2,000 vehicles between versions jeeps and pick-up. In 1957, with the entrance of the stagnant (domestic version of the Willys Station Wagon) was reached to 7,000 units, and the creation of the Kaiser Carabela the market amounted to 20,000 units annually. In 1959 it reached an agreement with Regie Nationale des Usines Renault Renault to produce cars. In 1960 came the Kaiser Brigantine, which would be the latter one to bear the first name. Rambler Classic 770 1965. In 1961, thanks to a deal with American Motors, IKA was able to import the line since 1962 Rambler American. IKA Thus, chaired since its inception by James Mc Cloud, produced the most comprehensive range of cars and pickups from Argentina and led comfortably the local market with a share of 30 .In 1964 Argentina was able to manufacture the Rambler, but the components were exported from the U.S. and South Africa, integrating online Ambassador 990, the Classic Custom 660, the Classic de Luxe 550 and the rural Classic Cross-Country 660, which was a breakthrough for the time, and bringing air conditioning (optional on 1965 and works from the 67 ), power steering, through on the rear windows and rose windows power on all four doors. In 1966, broke the Torino, the most successful model of the company and one of the tellers in the automotive industry. In 1967, Regie Nationale des Usines Renault became a majority shareholder of the company and was responsible for the administrative direction, so that the company was called IKA-Renault and in 1975 he was Renault Argentina SA In 1968, the Rambler brought cash changes at three different speeds, but when it was associated with Renault, had four changes to the steering wheel and shift knob.From the year mentioned, began to contain an engineTornado-Jet, the first manufacture in Argentina. Had six-cylinder inline of 3,770 cm3 and 145 hp and camshaft to the head, which was only used for auto racing as the Alfa Romeo and BMW. The closure of production and Cross Country Classic was in 1971, although orders until 1972, while the Ambassador from 1972 to 1975 (when it stopped manufacturing) was widely used as the presidential car. Among other features, the Rambler national, had a capacity of carrying 70 liters of gasoline common as fuel, being a system of Carburetor Carter as electrical generator Dynamo 12 V, 35 A or the alternator 12 V, 38 A. Brakes are drum-drum and rear drive. In the cooling water, amounted to 11, 5 liters.

Culture Tests

(1) Cyberculture, Reality or invention I’d like to share two words prior to this debate. Culture and Cyberculture. As a culture we can say it is complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society. “And Cyberculture. ..the set of techniques, ways of doing, ways of being, of values, representations that are related to the growth of cyberspace … ” I consider the relationship between Culture and Cyberculture as a part of what can be called “universal culture” that would accommodate all the different nuances that exist today in the world. When we try to identify and compare any culture is essential to take into account. Culture is transmitted from generation CEO Succession to generation. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Mark Bertolini. Fundamental to this first characteristic to define the concept of generation as we can consider within cyberspace. The “life”, but “inside” of Cyberspace goes to another much faster than they can spend outside. That is why a generation in terms of Cyberspace takes place in a much shorter period. We can talk about four or five years per generation.However, this parallelism may have some questionable points one of them is produced by comparing the number of generations can live together. We see that cyberspace was not accustomed to live more than three generations at once, in Cyberspace can match more than ten .. In cyberspace, the knowledge transfer process need not follow any particular pattern. This possibility provides further enrichment to compare different cultural views and levels of knowledge, with very little likelihood that this knowledge could be lost during this process. Corporate Director American Standard, AmerisourceBergen Corp. This last factor, intergenerational exchange, except for very few conflicts, brings significant added value and more if it is favored by the great facilities for the exchange of information given to us Cyberspace. At the time of making an analysis of knowledge transfer process, we have the enormous advantage of having all generations “ahead” of us, an advantage that otherwise would like to have all cultural anthropologists when they begin their studies either. From very small, any person, through learning, both consciously and unconsciously and through interaction with other members of his entourage, makes the process called enculturation or cultural integration of a member to their own culture, processes key in learning in cyberspace. To properly analyze the possible cultural impact in Cyberspace we must take into account important aspects such as the People. Each culture has a distinct personal physical space. The first and most visible “derangement” Cultural occur in this country, when the Internet and somehow unifies these potential differences.When we talk about People, we are talking about a concept that refers to a physical space. We can associate the minimum living space that each culture considers it necessary to relate normally and smoothly with others. If we move to the area of cyberspace, this factor disappears due to the lack of physical contact. We should further analyze whether this deficiency is offset by the nuances and records in the area of written language.

Xerox Printers

Doctor blade (Doctor Blade) made of steel, is responsible for uniform distribution of toner on the developer shaft. The shaft is made of conductive developer rubber. The whole point of recycling, as the current is that the waste toner with paper dust after drawing the image onto the paper dumped into a hopper with a clean cartridge. This leads to very rapid deterioration of the doctor blade. This is an absolute "minus" because user will have about refilling every 3-4 change in addition to the drum and another blade. Worth noting that not every company involved in servicing copiers will undertake to replace this part, this is due to a number of technological constraints and features data cartridges. The next element after the drum and the doctor blade, which is subject to wear this PCR.

His life at the competent charging is large enough and replaced it with no problems. Also note that Printers Xerox (Samsung) use the principle of non-magnetic toner transfer. Uniform distribution of toner on the shaft of the mechanical properties of seeking developer doctor blade under the influence of the potential difference between the shaft developer and the doctor blade. In combination with dusty toner in the hopper toner not rarely leads to a large amount of toner on nakoksovavshegosya working edge of the doctor blade, which is certainly detrimental affect print quality and durability of the doctor blade. Without recycling. In this type of cartridge has an additional waste toner box. It was in this capacity comes the waste toner to the paper dust. This allows you to save toner hopper clean.

This type of cartridges used in printers Canon (HP). The use of magnetic toner transfer, these cartridges allows for uniform distribution of toner for account only the mechanical properties of the doctor blade without affecting the potential difference. Working part of the blade in these cartridges are made from polyurethane, it is practically not subject to wear when properly the printer.