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Installation Of Suspended Ceilings

Based on my experience in St. Petersburg (as the installer of suspended ceilings), I can say that the installation of stretch fabrics is becoming increasingly popular. This is understandable because of suspended ceilings significant advantages compared with other types of ceiling repairs. To them I shall not dwell, and talk about all the intricacies of installation of stretch ceilings. You invest in the repair of their money, someone more, someone less in any case you do not want to start all over again (again, to invest). We need to start with the preparation of the old ceiling.

Any company will tell you that anything not necessary, but it is not. Inspect the old ceiling, to be cleared it from the pieces of a loose paint, plaster. This is necessary so that they would not have fallen after some time on the canvas stretched ceiling. Then you need to make room for the installation, namely, to maintain access to the walls and lighting. Frequently asked question – what to do before a suspended ceiling or wallpaper glue? It is better to first establish a ceiling. Why? The answer to the question next. It all depends on what the room walls. Dust from drilling wall is deposited on the wallpaper if the walls of red brick, then wash the dust is very difficult.

Flowers, easily breakable objects better to endure. Now about the installation. – Partitioning the level of the new ceiling. – The walls mounted prints. – Established structures under the lights. – Stretched canvas. – Mounted lighting equipment, ventilation hoods. – It injects decorative cap. The level of tension ceiling is marked with a special laser tool. Frames fixed every 15-20 inches, so wiring passing into the walls should be marked, otherwise there is a chance to kill her. Lighting is better to collect, but without the fragile parts. Decorative cap looks good on the quality lined the walls, otherwise better stick ceiling moldings, and from the tape to refuse.

Proper Disbursement

Carrying out landscaping and beautification of their infield is very expensive and labor-intensive undertaking. Because with it, necessarily will be a question about saving money. But at the same time, work must perform well and quickly. Before beginning work on his area you have to understand that you wish to achieve as a result of these activities. This can be achieved by drafting a plan accomplishment, which marked all trees and shrubs, flower beds, flower beds, the forms of small architecture. Based on the plan drawn up in such a way is the calculation of the required number of planting material rastey garden, garden forms, determined by their cost and the cost of their boarding and installation on site.

As a result, you will receive a specific work plan with the prices and volumes. Thus, in the process of activities you do not get is that you are, say, bought a seedling of a tree, and he has not approached you. In such a situation, even if you have this plant will be back in a place where he bought (which is unlikely), you already carry unnecessary losses to transpotirovke this tree from the place of purchase and return. And this is the least. And if the seedling did not take back? And with the planting firms easier to talk when you clearly know what you want, and this written on paper. The second circumstance that can lead you to unjustified spending, it is the pursuit of cheapness.

Do not buy stolen seedlings of trees on roads, use of cheap unskilled workers the production work order production of garden furniture in a shady branches. You understand that all these factors increase the risk of poor quality of work that may entail the need for their re-implementation. And this extra spending. If you take into account all the above, you probably save quite a large sum of money in the regeneration area near his home.