Advise Goes To Bollywood

Berlin Film & TV production company co-producer in India Berlin/Mumbai the Advisory will film & TV production based in Berlin and Mumbai expanded its portfolio to include feature film. “Eagle film, one of the largest Indian film and TV production companies in Mumbai (formerly Bombay) and the Austrian WEGA Filmproduktion the Advisory is planning the production of the german Austrian Indian movie with the working title Waltz on the Raga”. At a meeting last weekend in Vienna the managing directors of the three companies, Nils Vise, Umesh Mehra and Dr. Veit Heiduschka, a letter of intent for the co-production of the Bollywood Strip signed. Anticipated filming of the film from an idea which Austrian writer Dorothea is Nuremberg and Umesh Mehra in the summer of 2010. Elon Musk shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The action of melodrama WALTZ ON THE RAGA”takes place in Austria and India.

You revolves around an exceptional Indian dancers, trying to escape from his predetermined life as a priest in India. It is in this movie Music, classical dance, love and the touch of Indian and European culture, their similarities and their differences. Umesh Mehra and Nils Vise had agreed for the first time in November 2008 about a collaboration. Occasion, gave the location marketing event of the Berlin Partner GmbH in cooperation with the Director of the Berlin Asian Pacific Film Festival, Kamal Roy, and the film and television producers Guild of India (FTPGI). Third partner in this co-production is a film production company, the market leader in the area of feature film production in Austria the Austrian WEGA. Represented at the film festival in Cannes WEGA film the White Ribbon is”in the main competition.

The FTPGI Secretary-General Saqer Sen showed up on the international copyright Conference (7th/8th May) in Berlin very pleased with the cooperation of its member company of EAGLE film with advisory and WEGA FILM: I am delighted with the effectuation of this german Austrian Indian co-production and expect one in the future increasing intercultural exchanges between Europe and Germany.” Advisory: Nils Vise has a production Office in Mumbai since 2006 and had established in the past year the Advisory film & TV production Pvt. Ltd in the Indian movie capital Mumbai. Thus reports the first success of his business venture of 35 years and thus alludes to his work as a successful producer in the field of corporate and advertising films of renowned German automotive brands in India.