Bekomat Compressor

The main classical selection criteria for products and technical purposes: technical data, ergonomics and design, maintenance and service, price / quality ratio. For medical products, you must have sanitary certificate issued by the Russian Ministry of Health. Main technical data compressors can be produced in different versions: – oil – oil-free (without cylinder lubrication and seals). According to modern requirements, oil vapor in compressed air should not be. This can be achieved either using a compressor, which was originally working on the oil-free technologies, or after installing oil-injected compressor quality of compressed air (drier filters of the three stages of cleaning, including adsorption). Performance. When working in the 'two hands' one dental unit consumes 60 to 100 l / min. When working an assistant in the 'four hands' when you can use an air-abrasive treatment of teeth with the use of dust collection and saliva ejector, the performance should be 120-250 l / min.

Compressed air for the entire spectrum Dental equipment is unusual and should not be less than 0,5 MPa (5 bar). Receiver should be made of corrosion-resistant steel or have an internal corrosion-resistant coating (galvanization). Noise. Compressor dental supplies is considered acceptable if it is "noise" level to 80 dB (A). Means to reduce noise, usually a noise absorbing cover, allowing to reduce the sound pressure level of 65 dB (A). Recommended compressor to supply additional devices – desiccant, adsorption filter. The fact that even the air, the compressed oil-free compressors, will contain condensed moisture and vapor absorbed from the air.

For the separation of moisture is drier, the vapor-adsorption type filter. Ergonomics and design. The compressor should be compact, simple and easy to use, with the appearance of it should not violate the aesthetics of office / clinic. Maintenance must be enclosed in a periodic change of filters and condensate drain from the receiver (for convenience and to improve air quality, and increasing equipment life in general, recommended installation of automatic steam traps with an electronically controlled series boge Bekomat, removes condensate from receiver without loss of pressure in the system). Reliability. Not every technique, especially tempting low prices is robust. Therefore, to reasonably purchase dental compressor industrial performance, long life, ensuring a continuous high-quality work and service intervals of at least 16,000 hours of operation.