Pablo, in its stream bed of death, is surrounded by the family: the Lilian woman and its children, Sofia and Bernardo. She looks to all and each one. She wants to speak, but she does not obtain. For more information see this site: Ebay. As she would like to ask for pardon to the wife, for as many acts impensados, committed during the marriage, that wise person feriz it deeply. She had necessity to say the children, she loved how much them.

She never obtains to express well its to want for them. Many times, are ashamed of this feeling, treating them to form rude and making to suffer them. When the death extends the hand to it, a smile blunts in its lips: The love of the o dom of the word. Lilian does not obtain to contain the emotividade when hearing everything what the husband, never obtains to show in common during the life. It emudece. It would like to say to it that it pardoned it, because it always understands its difficulty of expression, using an armor as prohibited. Its silentes lips not they obtain to emit any syllable. The eyes are marejados and the tears seem to smile: The love of the o dom of the word.

Sofia is come close to the father, insurance its hand, kissing it. Solua very when thinking about what it meant in its life: the honest man, disciplined, always present. It was the masculine model that desired so that he was its perpetual friend. He never says he loved how much it, therefore he had fear of being rejected. The distrust of speaking continues now. Its body trembles. Hillside its lips in that pale face. The miracle happens: The love of the o dom of the word. Bernardo has the fixed look in the emptiness. He does not obtain to leave the place. He seems to have motionless to think. He learned with the father who a man who if preze does not cry, nor demonstrates its feelings, therefore he will pass a fragility image. However, the emotion always suffocated, it opens a gap in its protective shield. It wants to say everything that it restrained per as many years. It wants to speak of its admiration for the family head, who presenteou to it with values, as: consideration and respect with the next one, probity and dignificao of the work. Now, a knot in its throat strangles the sound. The shout sprouts of its viscera: The love of the o dom of the word. Pablo hugged to the family cerra tranquilamente the eyes forever. The death does not silence the feelings, because also it: The love of the o dom of the word.