Brazilian Stapler

Because I have this name I do not know to say to the certainty, my father was an excellent employee, he worked per 30 years in a company and occupied per 15 years the position of section head obtained to buy its house and one fusca zero km in 1984 a dream that it conquered to have a new car! I made college of administration, influenced for my father, it said perhaps that he wanted that I was more far than it, a Director. My mother was concursada teacher of elementary school of the state helped my father in whom she could, always she was ready for what of this and came, only son had that to take care of of my grandmother until it to falecer. I have a sister and a brother two new than I and also formed, my brother is doctor and my sister is journalist. I was married has one 5 years and I have a son, the Bruno of 5 years that I eat and mine he is corinthiano. In the College I was not a shining pupil, but also I was not pssimo, the notes gave to pass with recess and the professors were not flat. I served as apprentice in the company who my father worked and I accomplished myself in it has one 10 years.

As vocs they veem my life is normal, but it has a thing that I do not understand, because my father gave the name to me of Jose Brazilian Iscritrio? The last name comes of in agreement Brazil searched, did not find the origin, but it must have Brazilian origin exactly, being perhaps originated of the Brazilian profession, traders of wood-Brazil. The Iscritrio name, as my father spoke was a homage its workstation, he was to be office to put the notary did not leave and it invented then this such of same Iscritrio against taste of my mother who placed Jose to alliviate the situation. I am well in the company where work, work in the financial sector and all like what I make. To put the name confuses me a little, tricks is inevitable, but I lead in the esportiva, when vi in the Fausto the brothers: Xerox, Notarized and Photocopy, I was satisfied myself of a time and I thought: That my sister does not call Brazilian Clips and my brother Brazilian Stapler, still well alive my mother! My name is Z Iscritrio, Isc for the friends and taste of to write on what it happens in the world of the offices.