Enterprising Spirit

When I speak of financial education, many parents ask to me like fomenting an enterprising spirit in their children. The truth is that all the children own an innate enterprising spirit. They are peculiar, inquisitive and extremely creative. All these are essential qualities of an entrepreneur. In fact, all human being is born with that same spirit, but he is extinguished in the course of our lives by our education, culture and traditions.

Why we must foment an enterprising spirit in our children? Some parents worry because they think that their children will put themselves very materialistic. Nevertheless, the enterprising spirit only goes beyond making money. One is about the discovery and the development of the talents and the abilities of the boy. Each human being is born with a unique combination of gifts and strengths. They are a gift of God and is our responsibility to develop them and to use them for the good ours and of the community that surrounds to us. It is the roll of the parents to help its children to discover its strengths, to develop them and in last instance to learn like generating income with them. Most important it is to allow than the boy evolves in an atmosphere that respects its individuality and that does not prevent the development of its creativity. Of that way the enterprising spirit in very natural form in them will pronounce itself.

The natural process of the development of the enterprising spirit in a boy: A boy is constantly exploring his surroundings. He accompanies to his parents in the daily workings and copies what they do. He creates objects and drawings that are a reflection of their desire to produce and to contribute. Throughout this one process is discovering that is he. At the outset their creations are informal and very rustic. In this one stage it is difficult to recognize the powerful process of development that hides behind these first creations. They seem to be a mere pastime, but the boy is developing his abilities. If the sufficient freedom is allowed him and time to follow in this one natural process, is going to discover in that areas can excel is going, them to develop with the years and someday it will get to stand out in them. One time arrived at this one point, other people are going to resort to their knowledge and abilities and are even going to be arranged to pay for that reason.