Federal Supreme Court

“” Federal Supreme Court declared two exclusion clauses in legal expenses insurance for ineffective the insurance law competent IV. civil Senate of the Federal Supreme Court on the 08.05.2013 decided that used by numerous legal expenses insurance in their insurance conditions effects clause “and the prospectus liability clause” are ineffective. According to these clauses, legal expenses insurers grant their policyholders no legal protection for the legal interests in any causal connection with the purchase or sale of securities (E.g. shares, bonds, investment units), as well as the participation in investment models, on which the principles of liability for the prospectus are applicable. To justify the Bundesgerichtshof points out that the clauses opaque and are therefore ineffective, because the average policyholder can not sufficiently clear remove those clauses which transactions of the exclusion should be recorded. Jacob I Guilleaume lawyers welcome the consumer-friendly Decision of the Bundesgerichtshof expressly and advise all investors, who should have received a rejection from your legal expenses insurance, this checked by a qualified lawyer.