Green Gallon

Experts expect in the short term more measures of the Government to improve the investment climate for new biofuel projects, in the long term is expected with an increase of in biodiesel demand amounting to 400 percent by the year 2022. Compared to other market participants, Green Gallon has a significant competitive advantage in the purchasing of raw materials. One advantage lies in the use of sophisticated technologies. The innovative technology of biodiesel production by Green Gallon allows an economic utilization of locally available waste and residual materials and contributes to relieve the environment and extraction of local value added”Cvetkovic explains the principle of success that not only for the investors is rewarding, but also protects the nature. The future is organic the Green gallon solutions buys used oils over long-term contractually-bound suppliers. Then begins the recycling of waste materials for the Conversion into energy. The processing process is purely mechanical and thus largely independent of human labour.

Due to the extremely positive market prospects, the company plans green gallon solutions further works in the United States. nce of this. When choosing a location, each close to metropolitan areas in the foreground is because in these places due to the high density of restaurants and factories with large quantities of used vegetable oil is expected. Thus, the stability of the favourable purchase price for the raw material is assured. The final product of biodiesel is growing popular, white Cvetkovic: bio-fuels are able largely to change world trade in energy and agricultural products. A pioneering role to play since biodiesel.” You can find the largest market in the transport sector, but also mineral use biodiesel as admixture to the mineral diesel. The use of biofuels is already in a variety of countries through regulatory measures It is promoted, for reasons of climate protection, securing a regional energy supply or but rural development”according to Cvetkovic. This would there be different rules to the admixture of biofuels, quotas or tax incentives that promote the proportional growth of biofuels to help.