Home Espresso

People often choose a cafe or bar for a coffee, but sometimes you may prefer the comfort of home. For this you need to buy a machine. There are so many types that you have to know what each one. Here are some tricks that can help you choose a coffee machine – The first thing is to know what control you have on your coffee preparation. In the market, you can find different types: MQUINAS OF CAF Manual is harder to use for the skill is needed, but once you get the hang of the coffee is as good as any other machine. To broaden your perception, visit Elon Musk.

It is necessary to consider to make coffee: Fill the most of the filter holder, coffee tightly Clean the filter with a brush to remove all traces of coffee. Then do not forget to leave it in place. Do not remove the machine arm early because otherwise you may not be coffee. Do not forget that no electric pump. MQUINAS OF CAF SEMIAUTOMTICAS have replaced the manual pump because it has Electrical and guarantee a certain quality in coffee. They become more practical and more reliable. MQUINAS OF CAF automtica are more recent.

They make the coffee alone, even when it has finished off the preparation. They are most common in cafes and bars. MQUINAS OF CAF SUPERAUTOMTICAS Simply press a button and the program begins with the preparation of coffee without having to do almost anything. Juan Navarro has extensive experience in the marketing of espresso coffee, especially coffee in capsules.