Internet Categories

The operator recorded a rising number of link Weiterstadt, February 18, 2010 – the operators of the Web catalogue is pleased to announce that a further symbolic milestone has been reached. In the last few days the directory crossed the 30,000 listed links. This number is especially worth mentioning, because it just is not in to a typical collection of links, which absorbs any proposed references, rather a variety of entries originated from its own or through research work. This quality feature at the award-winning categories is particularly evident. It is categories which are characterized especially by thorough research, detailed descriptions and often complementary information. One of these signboards the category business start-ups \”represents, where not only general tips, advice and introductions to the subject can be found, rather the individual subitems a numerous references at hand, the interested not only in the building (E.g. information with regard to social charges, creating a business plan, sources for start-up capital, etc.), but can support also in operation (E.g.

Office Organization, important documents / business letters, calculation, tax payments, etc.). The rubric finally learns added value through a clear breakdown of the various legal forms of enterprises. \”Another good example of the high quality standards in terms of awards represents the topic earn money on the Internet\” dar. This is an overview, both called opportunities for webmasters and site operators (E.g. E-Commerce, affiliate programs, advertising surfaces markets), as lists also Internet users without their own Web page options (E.g., bonus programs, Paidmailing, opinion polls, etc.) that can be achieved a little extra income by means of which in addition. Further the electric cars are among the recommended categories\”. Here not only currently find themselves in Germany and worldwide distributed models,. but also prototypes of proven and alternative car manufacturers that have found even their way on the road for the most part.