Internet Petitions

Full century XXI and the hunger of the stomach contrasts with the hunger of the greed. Of a side, countries released the proper luck, as the African countries, forgotten them interests development and application of basic resources for the countries capital detainers. Of another side, countries completely structuralized and fit as being of a first world. First World would also have to be reflected of attitudes stops with the fellow creature and the not similar ones. First World would have to reflect and to modify archaic cultures and customs that the satisfaction of the proper ego or the enrichment through the suffering of the others only has for purpose.

When it is said in suffering for attainment of advantages, as much makes if this suffering is deriving of human beings and not human. The man, self-centered and gentleman you of the nature, it imposes severities that go beyond the understanding of a race that if it judges above of the others. The custom I precite of a people cannot overlap to the sacrifice of another species. Inside of the geopolitical marketing that nations use to promote more in words of what in action (it remembers Compenhagen 2009 on the environment), in them it remains only the voluntary mobilization of action and petitions in favor of that they cannot speak. It goes to happen in Morocco a meeting on the hunting the whales in Morocco. Japan already guaranteed ‘ ‘ comprando’ ‘ the votes of small countries to vote the favor. It remains us a revolution of signatures and petitions. If you, as well as I, are against this type of practical, sign the petition in link below: Let us not leave that this practical medieval and murderous, without justification, if overlaps our desires to have a planet without cruelty and violence.