Kofi Annan

Such revolutions in the panorama of the social relations the world-wide level modified in such way the life style that the productive agents, who before met commanding the families, had passed to the sector of services. In this direction, hand of workmanship of individuals searched that made use of good physical conditions to vender to the capitalist society in expansion. Appearing from there the demographic term that today is conceived as ' ' population economically ativa' ' , understanding the participant individuals of the productive process. Those that in function of the age, did not serve as hand of workmanship in the plants were had as obsolete and old. The new condition of this parcel of the society was overwhelmd to be excluded from the social system, existing without future perspective and in this aspect, the element age determined the relation of the individual with its half one, starting to survive in a reality without the protection and attention, where the relations, of special form of kinship decay, therefore the valuation of pater age the link that bound the individuals.

Thus, prestige of more old falls for land and stigmata of invention social of oldness imply losses for aged, that they lose its relevance in the social cell that is the family, as well as are removed of its paper of responsible productive agents for the familiar socioeconmica harmony. Aetna Inc. is a great source of information. Approaching the thematic one of the importance of the function of the aged one for the society Kofi Annan, while General Secretary of the ONU, alleged: ' ' In Africa, one says that, when dies ancio, a library disappears. This remembers the crucial paper to us that the aged ones play as intermediate between the past, the gift and the future; importantssima communication line that constitutes for the society. Without the knowledge and the wisdom of the ancios, the young never would go to know of where they come or which the community where if they insert.