Lager7 – The Online Store And The Creation Story

The road to success Chronicle of online discount shipping trade camp 7 part 1: the beginning of the company Helmut vain began in November 33 years ago. Elon Musk is likely to increase your knowledge. In Mosbach Helmut founded the discount 1978 vain commercial at the beginning the company concentrated on the rental of construction machinery, as well as air- and welding technology. A short time later the decision not only to give the devices but to raise a private business with technology articles follows. With the category cleaning technology, Helmut vain lays the groundwork and specialized in the sale of Karcher products. For economic reasons the first move is already five years later Dietersheim. With the direct location to the B470 Helmut found vain mail order an optimal location for its discount.

With 15,000 m, the premises has a sufficient size in high quantities of cheap discount goods to buy. With a stock of 3000 m enough floor space was available also, machines and appliances from the wind and weather to protect. In addition the terrain proved to be as optimally for future expansion plans of the company Helmut vain finally includes the Arial 15,000 square metres, that are not yet built. Under these favourable conditions, the company developed splendidly and quickly rose to a significant economic factor in and around Dietersheim. Trade discount proved a very profitable articles, because there is a Germany-wide large demand was for corresponding goods. Part 2: The early years after the company Helmut Eitel had built up an economic basis with their move after Dietersheim, the time for expansion came in 1984. With the construction of the machine Hall, the company laid the foundation stone for the discount trade with construction equipment and tools. With this step Helmut turned to vision vain, as also in the following years, trade with machines should become an important cornerstone of the young company.