Taken from there are memory cards SD and MiniSD whose configuration is LT. This means that your computer (digital camera, cellular, etc.) reads a memory of, supposedly, 1 gb, but is being deceived by the LT system. Therefore, even if the computer indicates a space, actually is you can only save in memory less than half of which indicates. For that when you buy a memory SD or MiniSD, reviews that you can store exactly what you sold: 512 Mb, 1 Gb, etc. Fill it and verifies that you have access to everything that you have saved.

Some vendors will tell you that you danaste it, the camera says that it keeps the amount you sold, that the memory that I sold is only for rows of low quality, etc. But the truth is that you’re being victim of a crime, your memory may not save space purchased. A symptom that reveals these products is that if you try to save in memory space that you bought, this corrupt rows (i.e. will read a lot of codes and binary language instead of view your information). You know, do not believe only in what he says the box or look at brand (Sony, Markvision, Sandisk, Kington, etc falsify them), to buy a pendrive, fill to full capacity and so only you know whether it is legitimate or you were scammed. Keep in mind also that this occurs even in renowned stores. Fijate bien.

The procedure is to buy it, fill it full and then verify if you can read everything. This fraud is based on the experience of some buyers, who typically use less capacity they buy. But anyway in a fraud, because porque le estan you are charging more than they should. Chaimas S.A. we are in complete opposition to piracy, the plagiarism and counterfeiting for commercial purposes. These are practices that, for now, in our country are very common, but is growing pressure marks and authorities so that rights are respected and are not misled as to the consumer. The stores that are incurring this error we recommend leaving this fraudulent business. Since not they only risk the trust of their customers but are also exposed to losing the merchandise by the SENIAT and INDECU legal actions. These scams are also made with pendrives, MP3, MP4 and almost all storage devices, including hard drives. Original author and source of the article.