Metal Cabinets

Metal cabinets, a metal structure made of stainless steel with a thickness of 0.6 mm, equipped with locks, designed for storing documents, personal belongings, heavy duty, expensive office furniture, industrial, commercial and household appliances in establishments, offices, etc. Presented metal furniture has an attractive appearance and a number of advantages compared to furniture made from particleboard. Metal furniture is more durable and taxing to use. Fireproofing that is not unimportant for storage of documentation. Easy to carry sanitation detergents, which is important for institutions to strict sanitary standards of operation. A classic design with high ergonomic meets the most demanding users. In the directory 'Kailas', you can find different series of metal cabinets (Russia): Archive collapsible metal cabinets coupe (tambour) are used in most organizations, companies, institutions and companies that work with large documents, accounting, legal, technical documents, contracts and other paper and electronic media. Produced a total width of 960 to 1800 mm, total height of 200 to 2000 mm, depending on the model.

Filing file cabinets are used where needed store a large number of cards, invoices, payment orders, price lists, contracts and other paper media. Metal racks are designed for archival storage of various documents, a large amount of Paper carriers, heavy goods, expensive office, industrial, commercial and household appliances in offices, offices, production areas. Produced a total width of 600 to 1000 mm, total height from 880 to 2000 mm, Depending on the model, prefabricated metal enclosures srk used for decorating offices, manufacturing facilities, sports facilities, storage bags and personal items in shops, offices, chambers of storage. Produced a total width of 600 to 800 mm, total height of 500 to 1800 mm, depending on the model; Safes sr (welded) used to store clothing workers, personal belongings of office workers and schoolchildren. Produced a total width of 300 to 700 mm, total height of 500 to 1850 mm, depending on the model Safes shrs (teams) are used for storing clothes, bags, personal items at stores, schools, offices, production facilities, sports facilities, medical facilities and equipment storage rooms. Produced a total width of 120 to 1230 mm, overall height 1800 mm, depending on the model. As well as accessories for cabinets series sr and SRK: mailing and latch locks, racks and shelves for cabinets, and a series of SHRS: riveting, loop under the padlock made in Italy, stands under the cabinet, postal locks.