Mimosa Salad Recipes

Salad 'Mimosa' Fish in its own juice (preferably salmon) – a bank, onions – 1-2 pc., Carrots – 2-3 pc., Eggs – 4 pcs., Mayonnaise – 1 bank. Boil carrots and eggs, finely chopped onion pour boiling water and let stand for 8-10 minutes, then drain the water. Perhaps check out Mark Bertolini for more information. Lettuce lay in layers in the bowl in the following sequence: at the bottom of chopped fish, then mayonnaise, chopped carrot, again, mayonnaise, onion, mayonnaise, finely chopped whites of eggs, mayonnaise. Upper layer – grated egg yolks (keep the grater over a salad). From top to decorate with greenery.

Refrigerate for 2 hours to soak the layers with mayonnaise. Take a spoon all the layers, without mixing. Mimosa Salad – 1 4 potatoes, 1 carrot, 3-4yaytsa (All boil), 1 jar of canned fish (salmon or sardines), 1 jar of mayonnaise. Salad formed by layers and chop all the vegetables should be grated. 1.

Layer the potatoes 2. – Fish 3. potatoes. Drizzle with oil from the fish 4. – Carrots 5. Mayonnaise 6. proteins 7. mayonnaise 8. yolks. Decorate with greenery. Recipe provided by Angela Kozlova (source: Kovalev, H & Modern Russian cooking) Salad Mimosa – 2 9 layers: 1) 5 proteins Grate 2) on a fine grater grate 100 grams of cheese 3) 0.5 cans of fish canned food (eg salmon) 4) 0.5, a jar of mayonnaise 5) finely chopped 1 onion 6) 100 g butter 7) 0.5 cans of salmon (without liquid) 8) 0,5 jars of mayonnaise 9) 5 egg yolks (Source: Recipes from correspondence)