Offset And Digital Printing Envelopes

Any business proposal in a respectable company envelopes give respectability to your sales organization. Do not forget that successfully compiled slogan reinforced well-designed logo can positively affect the perception of the information contained in the letter. Printing envelopes can go from standard sizes to order any size or design of the common types of paper up to 120g/m2. Confidentiality is ensured by the administration of strips (glue silicone layer), it is necessary to remove the tape, fold the valve and the envelope is securely closed! The most common type of envelope – European standard with a window (11 * 22cm with transparent inset on the left or right side for the address). Also commonly used types of envelopes: Envelope C4 (229h324 mm) accommodates A4 sheet, without adding, C5 envelope (162h229 mm) accommodates A5 sheet (a sheet of A4, folded in half), C6 envelope (114h162 mm) accommodates sheet A4, folded or A5. Attribute of a solid and respectable company is a corporate envelope – an envelope with the logo.

The main characteristics of the envelope: The format, type of valve, colorful, circulation Printing envelopes carried out by digital and offset printing on high-tech equipment. We are constantly improving methods of printing press and updating stock charting software, and it promotes efficiency of manufacturing, high-volume mailing envelopes. You can order printed envelopes, or just paper envelopes in bulk. To print envelopes using white or color high quality offset paper. On request, we can manufacture envelopes of cardboard of different colors. You can simply buy envelopes or order the production of envelopes and envelope sizes may be different even envelopes a4. Envelope printing small editions recommended the use of digital technology for printing for large orders for the manufacture of envelopes will be more cost-effective method of offset printing.