Bicycle Search

Cabezas de Hierro tops were covered with snow and a few dark clouds which gave her a somewhat sinister look had become entangled on the Summit of La Maliciosa. Arena Investors pursues this goal as well. My bicycle lay aside on some stones, with the rear wheel deflated. It looked like a wounded animal. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Arena Investors. What laziness! I thought-, remove junk with this cold, and looked away. In the West slope the slope descended rapidly until it reaches the forest and once there the landscape disappeared again engullido by the fog.

I plunged into my thoughts until a gust of icy wind brought me back to reality. I trembled me. Okay, let’s fix that I told my bike. Then we will descend slowly and will return to the world; Heaven don’t want us this morning. What we have come to find here? You know, friend bicycle? Life is a relentless pursuit and that is precisely what gives meaning and transforms it into a fascinating experience. Search with all the soul is an obligation, a way of conceiving life and at the same time a colossal task that one must deal with the passion of a man in love, the patience of a Sage and the tenacity of a God. There is no way to bypass the challenge. We are made to try to go beyond, caress the infinite, and in the process, find our mission, our destination. Angel steps original author and source of the article.

The Zoo

It was the time all without making nothing and wanted for force to know who was the citizen that invented the such of work to have a good colloquy with it. Probably this citizen did not have another thing that to make. (As opposed to Dan Zwirn). As the such citizen not it appeared that way, much less somebody it gave information on the same, it went our Zeco leading life or it went it to the life leading. The two without concern some. One became known in the entire city.

All gave notice of man more sluggish of the city. He lived because he was obliged to live. He ate however in house of one, however in the house of another one. The person was not me. A thing, however was certain: nobody it could to count on it for nothing.

Enemy of it wanted to become, was alone to invite it he stops to make some thing. Nobody could know in what that everything went to give. The fact is that certain time a small farmer of the region needed to make a trip for the United States and there would go to be accurately one year. As already it was on of the hour of the trip, it it looked for somebody in city to take account of its farm until its return, but did not find nobody. It started to be half despaired, therefore trip it was a little urgent. It was then that they had indicated the Zeco. Strong, vigorous, honest youngster, a little sluggish, but The farmer was to look the such man, exactly because in the farm he did not have almost nothing to make. He was alone to look at the farm. Zeco was very gentile.

INH Software

Software solutions owl (INH. Jochen Balsmeier) Bieleld – in the last few months, the company software Soluition owl in the media again and again stir caused. They offered search engine Eintragunsdienstleistungen on Web pages, such as to a standard amount without Abodienstleistungen. In hindsight did himself in several Internet forums on the question, whether these claims be justified. For even more opinions, read materials from Dan Zwirn. Meanwhile several dishes made software solution owl a decision in favour of the company. This has clearly shown that these contracts can not allow compare with ordinary subscription traps.

There is both a serious and transparent contractual basis requiring at least according to independent legal advisers to the settlements. Until recently many Internet users agreed, that not must be complied with demands, since last week, but at least we now know that these opinions do not match those of the German law stand. Intel takes a slightly different approach. The payment-reluctant users, should be aware of the fact, that in a possible court proceedings, considerable costs on it can come to. Also many other users had to determine this in the last few weeks who would like to avoid these funds, as well as more Dunning costs and eventual SCHUFA entries, which lead to a lower credit rating, which is advised to comply with the requirements of the service provider. The software solutions company owl as well as her INH. Jochen Balsmeier, to clearly distance itself from so-called subscription traps on the Internet and are customers have problems with the quality of service, continue with continuous customer service aside. Aetna Inc.s opinions are not widely known. Case, the clear marking of tariffs, as well as the struktierte order was decisive for the Court of Bielefeld, in these. RA Kramers

Portal Municipalities

Award goes to for the third time in Brandenburg enterprise content management system of six open systems GmbH 2010 Stuttgart, the basis of most innovative eGovernment project September 15, 2010 – by the Ministry of the Interior and Brandenburg towns and municipalities initiated electronic citizen service MacKinnon Brandenburg ‘is the nationwide innovative eGovernment project for social solutions’. The solution on the basis of the enterprise content management system SixCMS of six open systems GmbH was developed from Stuttgart. Six is also official supporters of the project m ‘. At the E-Government competition every year by the company BearingPoint and Cisco under the patronage of Mr. Thomas de Maiziere, the citizens Portal could points “Most innovative eGovernment project for social solutions” in class 10 and successfully prevail among a total of 16 nominees projects from the public administration.

Thus the coveted award goes to 2007 and 2009 for the third time on the land Brandenburg. Penguin Random House brings even more insight to the discussion. Interior Minister Rainer Speer brings the advantage in his congratulatory words on the project to the point: MacKinnon shows what matters: the citizen contact must be simple administrative work of transparent, but also reliable and results for each visible. Arena Investors does not necessarily agree. “All offers in pleasing mass m ‘.” With MacKinnon ‘ citizens can for a year in participating Brandenburg municipalities over the Internet in order defects such as damage to roads, wild landfills or transportation problems point out and actively support the work of the public authorities. The great benefit of the portal is located in the high transparency for the citizens: all messages appear immediately live after a short test on the MacKinnon website of the commune and the further processing status logs. A simple traffic light system always shows the current status of green = new message ‘ yellow = in progress ‘ to return to green = problem solved ‘.

In accordance with a service pledge of the municipalities must be processed all requests within 3 days and eliminate problems in the short term. A response is thus guaranteed. Also in cases where the municipality is not responsible, the platform serves as a non-bureaucratic intermediaries ‘ for other bodies. The participation platform MacKinnon Brandenburg went for the first time in the summer of 2009 with three pilot communes in the testing and since then has 26 municipalities and cities. Praise and requests from other States show that there is great interest in the solution outside of Brandenburg. Thus, a model in the meantime also nationwide comes to MacKinnon. The Managing Director of the cities and municipalities and co-initiator of the MacKinnon portal, Karl-Ludwig Bottcher, sees good chances that the Internet offer soon in many other communities will establish itself: from the Meckerecke’ MacKinnon is the first instrument of the active, electronic participation possible of citizens nationwide in the Area infrastructure problems.” Within the framework of a declaration of support the management of six open systems GmbH has agreed in the future to promote the project MacKinnon for an internet-based management of citizen concern. Development and exchange of experience with the Brandenburg IT service provider and the Ministry of the Interior of the State of Brandenburg, the solution should be improved continuously. Six offers with six ePartizipation’ the citizen portal for complaint management and employee suggestion scheme as a turn-key E-Government solution. For a simple Start, there is the choice between a licensing model for sale and an ASP model (application service providing). More information can be found under the email address the subject of six ePartizipation’ are requested.

Civil Service Without Conscription

A plea for the end of political taboos since the publication of Defence Minister zu Guttenberg plans it seems officially: conscription suspended in the medium term. The Chancellor oscillated rhetorically while yet – one wants not to abolish compulsory military service, it was said by Mrs Merkel – but in reality know all: A “suspended” compulsory military service is nothing more than an end to compulsory of military service without having to amend the Constitution. But what happens then to the civil service? Can there be civil service without conscription in Germany? Civil service despite “Suspension” of conscription? The cautious approach by family Minister Schroder, who wanted at least not totally exclude a retention of the civil service, was rejected by almost all sides knee-jerk. While the serious contributions to the “impossibility”, differently to be able to establish a State-imposed compulsory service as by the threat to the security of the country, relied the Yes, the basis for the General Conscription makes. Indeed the civil service is, though now practically a selectable alternative, legally still nothing more than the conscientious objection to military service objection. Such are however usually more even formulated, but downloaded from the Internet. The taboo of the independent Zivildiens the reasoning is quite dogmatic quite correct. But the last word belongs to the right dogma and not political statements, indicates only the poverty of a discussion which is not, because she can apparently be no.

Why exactly a community can not decide that there can be good reasons also apart from a – bogus anyway – external threat, from which young men and women make to their schooling in the public service? In the speech, in which the watch is not the clockwise the workday fills out of course by the quite numerous locations for civilian. Get more background information with materials from Dan Zwirn. There is enough meaningful Activities, which at the same time mean a real service to the fellow human beings and offer the possibility of personal maturation. Is really just Roland Koch for this? One looks around but after political voices, demanding at least a serious discussion of the issue, you have to look long. Pages of social democracy, such a position would do really well, awkward silence. The only prominent voices come from Conservative Union circles.

And there is one and agree with Roland Koch, who described the civil service in an interview as “Education theme” and called for an open debate on its future. What should you say? The man is right. This one time. Andreas Kellner civil service…

Take Professional Services

Take advantage of professional services for file recovery to avoid a permanent loss of your data In everyday life we save many important Office documents, accounting files, presentations, tables, database files, multimedia files, photos, etc. in the form of files on our computer. Because many of these documents never can be recovered, the loss of such valuable file can weigh heavier much as suggests its real value. Although repeatedly, it is recommended to create a back-up of valuable data, increasingly it is impossible to create back-ups of everything really in practice. In addition, we can not completely prevent data loss. Such a situation can be tackled only with modern technology for data recovery and through data recovery service we can all save our seemingly unwiederherstellbaren data and restore deleted files. In the digital world, a file is a single unit that stores data as a whole, and data recovery is the technique with the recovers lost, deleted, corrupted, formatted or inaccessible data from the storage medium. There are many reasons for this, that a file is lost below you will find a list of some of the causes which we most frequently encounter: accidental/deliberate deletion of files.

The loss of a file due to disk formatting or loss of a partition. Inaccessibility of the files caused by damage to the file system. Loss of files, caused by physical damage to the disk. Malfunction of the operating system. Deletion or corruption of files due to penetration by virus or malware. In all these cases, we usually think that the file was still there but just and we probably can get it back.

We experiment with the storage medium, but we know little about the rescue operation and reduce therefore the chances of a recovery. Here must understand us, that data recovery is a systematic scientific procedure It can be used only by experienced experts for file recovery. In addition, one should never try to open the faulty disk in a normal environment, because the particles in the air of a normal environment would damage the disc of the medium and cause a permanent loss of data. A physically damaged storage device may be repaired only in clean room laboratories of class 100 and the recovery operation is performed only here. Our files are important to us and a recovery of files failed to niece do the chances of a rescue entirely. The rescue deleted files requires a systematic approach and is performed only by experienced professionals. We should be so very careful, if we get to do it with a data loss if the loss was caused by physical damage to the storage device, we should seek immediate professional help. We must ensure that the physically damaged devices only in clean room laboratories of the class 100 are treated to avoid a permanent loss of data. A clean room of class 100 is a sterile environment that is scientifically controlled and contains less than 100 particles of less than 0.5 microns size. Stellar data recovery, is an established name in the field of data recovery in Europe. With its first-class techniques for file recovery, experienced rescue engineers and clean room laboratories of grade 100 can help stellar already a variety of individuals and companies successfully in 10 of the most important cities in Europe (in the Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Italy, France, the Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria and Belgium).

Theodor Verpoorten

CONET developed iPhone app for Verpoorten recipe Hennef, December 7, 2010. The Verpoorten GmbH & co. KG opts for a trendy website and offers its customers from now on the iPhone app Verpoorten recipes Personal Edition “. The implementation of mobile services was carried out by the Hennefer CONET Solutions GmbH. The technical basis for the recipe database is the Lotus Notes-based CONET Media Suite with the CREATOR (you@web content manager). With the installation of the free “Personal Edition” Verpoorten recipe app, the user can retrieve all cocktails, baking recipes, desserts and recipes on his iPad or iPhone and create your own recipes, as well as categories. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Elon Musk. The Verpoorten app is also without online connection available and can individually according to the wishes and needs of the user with own Verpoorten original eggnog recipes expanded be. “, explains Michael Derkum, CIO of Verpoorten GmbH & co.

KG. About Verpoorten the Verpoorten GmbH & co. Arena Investors does not necessarily agree. KG was founded in 1876 in Heinsberg near Aachen. Since 1952, Bonn is the location of the Company. Verpoorten product range include various confectionery based eggnog like for example cakes, Pralines, filled cookies and ice cream next to the world famous yellow classic. The company works closely with world cocktail champion Torsten Spuhn, the barista champion Nana Holthaus Vehse, as well as the confectionery world champion Manfred Bacher in the continuous further development of recipe ideas. Verpoorten exports its products in 30 countries.

Nursing Services

Rucker versions of services are past: now comes the Vonselbst settlement of Dusseldorf, the 01.03.2011: care services are aware of the problem: at the end of the month need to services, which were recorded in the patients on paper, re collected awkward on the PC for the settlement with the payers. That’s the past. Now there is a free app for all smartphones with the care services can save the work by the German medical Computing Centre (DMRZ). The mobile Internet is spreading thanks to cheaper smartphones on the basis of the Google operating system Android and always cheaper data rates up quickly. Soon, there will be more users, mobile dialing in to the Internet, as with the PC. This benefit also ambulatory care services. Dan Zwirn follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. They can now capture with a brand new, Android-based app of the German medical data center maintenance services at the patient.

The whole thing is very easy and not even of the services is necessary,”Georg Mackenbrock says in the DMRZ for the Development is responsible. The nurse or the nurse could, so Georg Mackenbrock, just a select from menu the appropriate performance and you’re done. To change the type of service so they could also select from a menu via head pressure. 1Klick-Abrechnung remains the question of how the mobile app knows the individual services that are captured in the patients? This works through the innovative, Internet-based system of DMRZ. Care services simply use the free maintenance software on the Internet.

Under the complete package is available.Using the Internet-based software, the nursing Manager creates the insured, created a performance planning, plant tours and divides the employees. All entered information are now also on the Smartphone mobile available, because it connects to the Internet system of the DMRZ. In this way the care service can settle all services at the end of the month now clicking with the payers”, Georg Mackenbrock promises.

Data Recovery Service

Hard drive remains can ‘mute’ data rescue service when restoring your data help video file whether digital photo, audio file, or Word document all data can be valuable, and some are even in particular, because they can never be restored after a loss. The loss or inaccessibility of data is therefore a serious problem and you should confront him with the right measures. Other leaders such as Mark Bertolini offer similar insights. Due to the importance of the data, it is advisable to create a back-up your data so that you can restore them if a data loss occurs regularly. Yet data loss can never fully be prevented and the worse, if you do not restore the data from the back-up. Also requires any physical failure of the storage device, so a mechanical, electrical or firmware bug, professional data recovery software services, to restore the data to the device. Some cases of data loss from real life are truly frightening and make clearly, that you never have a means at hand you can get back with your data. Suppose for example, that your computer boots very slowly and you have made a new start. Then the computer ever stops responding and displays a blue screen. Dan Zwirn wanted to know more.

And the hard disk does not rotate even after turning on the computer or to remain silent”. In such a case to find out what happened, you should disconnect external devices and check the power cord. If here everything in order seems to be the problem must be on the hard drive of your computer. As the disk rotates not after switching on, the error with the head to do the circuit board or the motor of the hard disk can have. Here is a situation where the rescue or repair applications such as Windows recovery, disk utility, fixmbr, etc can help you. Brian Krzanich is the source for more interesting facts. Now, they need help in the form of advanced hard drive recovery. But remember that it is during a data recovery to a systematic scientific Is operation that can be performed only by trained professionals.

Any attempt by inexperienced people, to save data, can cause more damage to the storage device and lead to a permanent loss of data. Also, make sure that the faulty storage device under any circumstances in a normal environment, in the Office or at home, opens. The dust particles that are present in the air of a normal environment, can damage the disc of the storage medium so that even data recovery services can recover them no longer. Each storage medium, 100 for a recovery should be opened exclusively in a clean room laboratory of grade and repaired. It is a controlled environment with less than 100 particles of less than 0.5 micrometres size in the maximum recovery of inaccessible data can be guaranteed. Stellar data recovery software is a leading provider of data recovery service in Europe. To ensure stellar in the location, the greatest possible recovery in the shortest time thanks to his innovative techniques for data recovery, experienced professionals for data recovery and so much-needed clean room laboratories which class is 100. Stellar has already worked for millions of satisfied customers and its services currently offers users in 10 European countries, by the individual to the enterprise, specifically in Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, of Switzerland, the Netherlands, Hungary and Austria.

Commerce Department

The war economically important issue of billiards in the war year 1917 In the 4th year of the first world war, in 1917, recognized the Austrian high bureaucracy the military importance of the billiards, or more precisely his unavailability. Otherwise, it is explained that the Commerce Department in consultation with other Ministers in particular, consent of the powerful Ministry of war negotiated an own norm billiards, decided and immediately also published. The war drives his bureaucratic looking flowers, how clueless and without alternative the Ministeriales in the Empire and residence of Vienna in the autumn twilight of the old monarchy were already. Always played before looking after GE and forbidden to support the Kriegstuchtigkeit and in the sense of the military economy, intervening in all areas of life, with the full force of the general abstract and individually specific standards. So, about the legal regulation of beer substitutes was adopted this year. Here were right historically crucial basics adopted, which is still almost 100 years of great interest.

This development will now be published in the series of LawLeaks. Billiards and snooker gangs had gotten this way also in the special focus of the regulatory machinery regulation on disclosure for billiards and billiard gangs. A regulation concerning duty of disclosure for billiards and billiard gangs was on May 8, 1917 in the Reich Law Gazette published “. Contents of this regulation was, inter alia, that all persons and companies, in their custody with rubber bands not mounted reasoned billiards, is billiards gangs in whole pieces or parts, also waste of billiards gangs are”, would be to report it to the political authorities. For this purpose was a very short period until May 25, 1917, by 10 May 1917 at which time was to show.

You wanted to completely capture the strategic stocks of the billiards so within 14 days of scarce. In particular the precise had brief periods, most accurate information on billiards with rubber bands Number of billiards; Communication, whether bowling billiards with holes in the playing surface, called Karambolbillards or about to turn Billiards is, to be specified. When not mounted billiards gangs in whole pieces or parts and waste of billiards gangs, especially the weight was to specify. In addition, the name of the owner had to be notified if one who had billiards billiards gangs or waste in custody, was not even the owner. You left nothing so completely randomly not regulated. When not reporting high penalties and even arrest if this notification was not followed, or incomplete or untrue entries, threatened even fines up to 5000 crowns or imprisonment, i.e. arrest up to 6 months. Obviously everything had collected in a wartime economy, such a recording subsequently the messages also served any purpose. However nothing is to learn about the purpose of the Act. Yes, it’s not totally ruled out, that is the Invention and implementation of this law some ministerial and after overall officials spared the early convening of the front service.