Prepare Milk

Since in many countries it is not even possible to buy milk of marijuana in supermarkets or chain stores, those who wish to take advantage of its benefits or who simply want to try it out of curiosity must prepare it way home. The procedure for doing so is fairly simple and virtually anyone with basic knowledge of cooking will be able to prepare a delicious and nutritious milk of marijuana. For preparing the milk of marijuana will need the following: ingredients for preparing milk for 1 rate of 5 or 6 cannabis seeds marijuana rates of purified water natural sweetener, like agave honey or honey Extractor preparation instructions put the water and the seeds of marijuana without Peel in a blender. If you want to get a fat-free consistency, put a little more water in the mix, if on the contrary you want to get a consistency more bushy, you use a little less water. Turn on the blender for about 2-3 minutes until you achieve the desired consistency. After blending the mixture, can sweeten milk obtained by adding agave honey organic or raw honey and blending the milk again.

Once done, you can now drink milk directly, or you can filter residues of marijuana seeds using a colander. The pulp from the seeds obtained from the collation of the milk can be used as an excellent body scrub or a full face mask. Marijuana milk will stay fresh for 3 days if the canned refrigerated in a sealed container (e.g. a jar of jam vacuum), remember to shake well before each use. If they do not sell marijuana seeds in your country you can buy them from way Online at the following sites: or And remember, no longer has any excuse for not enjoying the benefits of milk of marijuana. Original author and source of the article