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So had done when the won the election without knowing neither read nor write, but very clever to steal. The villain of the Fox felt very winning.Closed overnight, term universal suffrage of the Chucorampi animals and began to count the votes. Initially almost none of the candidates got enough vote to be winning. That’s what informed the piggy friends inside the electoral Chamber; but Fox also had his cronies as the deer Rune which had been bought as a bricklayer in a community that was growing cladodes of cob, a cursed plant that just eat what animals were dying, for it by that area only lived gentiles smelly and arrebatados, almost primitive, by what was not considered them runes, if not contrary to runes. Some were related to animals, were abominable beings. The same deer are emparento with a sow, because his increasingly huarmi he left him alone is matched with a Rune or also some animal that were passing by there. I finally finish the count and left the members of the Bureau. Head was the deer and lambs at your side as members of the polling station, with the paper that had counted the votes for each of the candidates.

At the table Deer Rune as President, was named for various reasons, because he was very skilled in the powerful deceive. Then the came out in front with the paper to read the election results. With powerful voice began to give the pig of Huayatan results that had been agreed with the sheep, as though Fox won with its star, pig offered them more money and declared as the winner. This excited their two hooves turn as a ballerina very plump, call your pig that was so thin, so thin that bones of your tummy; saw him but do not believe that it was the only pig that our friend Cerdin, had the had more thought the pork more Stallion and cerda saw him put the eye and she had little pigs.Came the imposition of the municipal band to the pig, who to date had finished all the barley to appear more fat and tenderloin. Everything for admiration of the hogettes. Became relevant preparations to the party not tarnishing with Municipal tenderloin. So the party quite an event in the region and up to the largest Fox who is the head of all thieves known as Gabriel was in fun, more than everything to see if it could be something from that community for her personal bag. After the feast, problems, remained as the trash all the guests had done.

She began to think, but also had the problem that needed food for their gilts and piglets that were newly born. So thought!, I’ll fix this matter once, commissioned to make some oxidation ponds foxes to process all the garbage there. Then came the ducks. Geese, then needed a site where take off their long journeys. That if it was a little difficult to resolve, but already think of the solution Seguira.tupac Isaac IIJuan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos. Original author and source of the article.