largest Internet marketing sweepstakes of in Germany everyone join and win prizes worth more than 20,000 euro Schwielowsee, 8 April 2010 the German Internet marketing professional Tobias Knoof to early spring something special come up can: that without exaggeration \”craziest and greatest Internet marketing sweepstakes of in Germany\” stands at the start! Who wants to start his own Internet business or expand its existing business, is at. I could organise top prizes from the most well known Internet marketers in Germany for this sweepstakes, amounting to well over 20,000 euros\”, explained Knoof. To reach the coveted prizes, participants can perform different actions and thereby collect lots. As you collect more lots, the stronger increase your own chances of winning. Even several prizes per attendee can be thus! The deadline for entries is April 30, 2010 to 23:59, the winners will be known shortly after’s blog given. Implement actions, lots of bunkering and odds multiply who takes part in the competition, can select the appropriate points from an extensive list of 20 + actions and implement a few simple steps and even several times, to obtain additional lots. Knoof’s team leads meticulously to all actions with professional monitoring tools.

\”Competition actions are possible for example: blogpost subscribe login for newsletter blog RSS feed write on the sweepstakes link from your own site or blog use short message to the contest Tweet invite blogpost post link in social-bookmarking supported comment graphics, collage, photo montage, etc. to the contest sponsors publish more info marketing Prize for the raffle hammer prices by the who-is-who\” of German Internet marketing scene there are online marketing sizes leading dozens rates by Germany’s Tobias Knoof himself, Helmut Ament, Siegmar Buhrle, Daniel Dirks, Heiko Hausler, Mike Niesen, Dr. Oliver Pott, Mario Schneider, David Seffer, Ralf Schmitz to win Detlev Reimer, Mario Wolosz, Worldsoft, etc.. Here a small selection of concrete prices: TrafficPrisma by Tobias Knoof – the TrafficPrisma shows the structure, control and automation of a flurry of accurate target audience traffic in record time.