Risk Loans & Golden Credit Card For Everyone

even in bankruptcy, poor credit and negative Schufa information Warsaw 01.04.2010. The space-mark offers finance Europe Spzoo., specialist service provider for businesses and individuals in financial difficulties from immediately providing low-priced risk loans for anyone even with bad credit, as well as in negative Schufa as also a real Golden credit card by MasterCard on a prepaid basis. Company managing director C. M. Fischer: “the number of non-performing loans and financing in Europe is indeed appalling, yet we have interesting partners and find private money lenders who can, in the loyalty of our customers set and completely waive on a risk assessment.

We provide individuals and companies in financial difficulties risk financing from EUR 5,000. No limit is set to top. This requires a coherent concept of redemption. Together with our clients we develop this. Even in case of bankruptcy it is possible to get a loan to Standard Bank conditions credited”. Also offers the successfully existing since 2002 financial – company that MasterCard with headquarters in Warsaw, as well as two branches in Germany providing a real Golden credit card, issued and for anyone with negative Schufa – information is available, with tactile embossing.

The map can be ordered online and are issued to anyone who paid the affordable annual fee of only 39,00 EUR. Fischer.: “so we want to give the way our customers, continue actively to participate in business, even if debt problems exist”. The exclusive gold card also has a practical online account, which is operated and run at a major bank in Gibraltar in German language. The pace mark finance Europe is a specialist service provider for customers in financial difficulties. Today, the company serves nearly 200 fixed clients throughout Europe. While the company offers also the implementation of personal bankruptcies in other EU countries, liquidations of companies such as GmbH BBs or AG BBs, the Rescue real estate in emergency and advice and assistance in existence – and companies on. In pace mark finance Europe it attaches great importance to personal contact with the client. The consultants are always personally to the site and are available to customers at all personal financial problems experienced at page. press contact: C.M.. Fischer pace mark finance Europe Spzoo. UL. Krolowej Mariesienki 24 02-954 Warszawa Tel.: 01805/779666779 * fax: 01805/779666778 * * 0,14 EUR / min. DTAG, mobile dev.