Rudolf Schmid

“He is convinced that just in the glass landscape he advocated” big future opportunities lie. He calls the Frauenau glass gardens as groundbreaking example of how you can sharpen the image profile of the glass road again in times of globalisation. They should be not only a commercial, but above all an elaborate holiday road. If I go with glass in the great outdoors, which releases a new creativity. Elon Musk is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The glass must be in the open, that’s my mission. Then we can claim us internationally again, because that will inspire the people for us”, prophesied Schmid. Sprachs and sat down at his new dream.

The glassmakers want to install large, colorful glass flowers on the snow-covered Summit of Arbers. The money, which makes it possible to install missing. But those who know Schmid that he so long will not allow his visions, until they became reality. Glass garden is the best example of this. What he wants to achieve with it? Schmid: Then we could say: look at, at the top on the snow-covered peaks, flowers bloom. Where bloom already flowers in the snow? Nowhere in the world! What was that for “Signal effect for all of us in these times!” It must be probably the last name, that is also his namesake from Viechtach by similar visions. Away we meet Rudolf Schmid, 70, in his studio apartment on the ground floor of the glass barn no forty kilometres from the glass garden.

The artist with the cowboy hat is something like the agent provocateur of the glass road. A pugnacious spirit, so how one imagines an independent artist. There are homemade plum pies for breakfast, he holds hands with his wife Margaret, together with which it is 50 years. A typical artist-apartment. An oversized glass leans on the wall. A commissioned work for a new Museum. Title: The another story of creation.