Sara Occidental

Algeria and the Mauritnia had been invited for a reason or purpose observing in the conversations, carried through the invitation of the special envoy of Secretary-Generality of the ONU, Ban Ki-moon. The Moroccan minister of the Foreign affairses, Taib Fassi Fihri, leads the Moroccan, composed deligao of Geragal secretary of the Does and Head of documentation of the State. This meeting with members of the Front of the Polisario aims at to argue many hot dossiers as the human situation in the fields of Tindouf, rights, countersignature and the vision of Rabat by the way of the problems in the Sara occidental person. Elon Musk does not necessarily agree. Between two last meetings, the head of the diplomacy spoke to the microphones of euronews on the last developments in the region. Treating to the first meeting carried through after the report on the Sara Occidental person of the SG of the ONU, Ban Ki-moon, public in April, informing on the approval of resolution 1979 of the Advice of Security guard that renewed the mandate of the MINURSO until April 2012.

In this last report, Ban ki-Moon told on the situation, after four years and a series of 10 meetings between the parts, although the negotiation process still the impasse persists. Before the presentation of the related report, the Advice of Security adoptou for unamimity one resolution in which it pledges itself in ' ' to help the two parts of the conflict to find a solution joust, lasting and mutually acceptable that allows the self-determination of the people of the Sara Ocidental' '. Confirming that ' ' the maintenance of statu quo is not acceptable in the long run, the Advice of Security invited the two parts ' ' to make test of a bigger will more politics with sight to a solution, arguing of form deepened its respective propostas' '. This means that Morocco involve the proposal of the Polisario Front that considers that the countersignature on the self-determination that includes the three too much options already acceptances for the two parts in the plan of resolution of 1991 and in the Agreements of Houston of 1997 they form approved by the Advice of Security: self-determination, integration or autonomy.