Seven Classroom

They are new experiences for the institutions of superior education. They are new to know that they are made solid with the conjugated effort of the citizens of the learning. Professors and pupils are, living deeply new times and methodologies in a classroom, mediated for a management, that portraies an education challenging. When if he appraises scientific research as act to discover, to investigate and to produce knowledge, searching the best answers to the investigations that they provoke investigativa action, then is necessary to relate everything this to the academic life of the courses that are considered to fulfill its function to prepare professionals, in the most different areas of the human knowledge. 7CONSIDERAES FINAL the management of the classroom in a transforming perspective considers a vision of this space of learning that makes one against point to the classroom, promoter of an education conservative.

In this context, the parts that they form the completeness of the text possess the same ideology, being fit in a proposal of education supported for a prospectiva education. The different boardings that constitute the present work present tunning between itself and with the references of the transforming education. The cited authors possess clear ideas on the boarded subjects, agreeing between itself on the perception of a contrary education to the traditional line. He can yourself be said that these authors possess harmony in the speech and that the practical one is decurrent of the clarity with that this speech is promoted. Like it buys at auction, it is reaffirmed that in a classroom contemplated a management that searchs an education transforming, they are had as resulted the formation of a critical citizen, creative, ethical and conscientious of its paper in the society where it lives and it coexists. The education is the way for emancipation of the citizen and when this occurs, in the classroom with a management marked for a transforming perspective, the results that if presents tend to reach the desired platforms.