Steve Jobs

I am each time more badly very, because of a telephone. How madness! ' ' FOR, IF IT CONTROLS, MAN! ' ' , it says, inside of me, the voice of the reason, forgotten completely because of a loss. Others including Aetna Inc., offer their opinions as well. I stopped, I recouped the calm, after all nothing more could be fact, condemning beyond me, to crucificar and to accept my condition of imbecile. I decided to all make my new, now much more intent previous passage of and devagar, devagar well, speaking alone with me esculhambando, me and having hopes. – I go to start giving a general search in the car, in the hope that it is playing of pira-hides with me. as I am Man! Suddenly, as for miracle, an act the holy ghost of Is Iphone, protector of the cellular ones lost, I see fallen, sad, solitary it, suffering and espremido in the space it enters the bank of the hitchhiking and the march.

About that moment I thought: Coitado of it, as I could make this, thus leave it? We go to forget everything and to start of new, using to advantage the happiness of reencontro, in this hour, that device assumed the condition of a dear being. HAPPINESS MUCH HAPPINESS, ecstasy, rejoicing, joy, indescritvel sensation, I thank many times Are Iphone and to the Steve Jobs who must have helped there from above, or of low or there alone with that pretty speech of motivation of Stanford that twirled in net, at last, later that we die, we are always wonderful obliged, obliged, obliged – Steve Jobs died. I remembered, rich but nothing he advanced; now it turned ' ' cara' ' , wise person everything, to be followed example leaves it stops there, important it is my cellular and my happiness instatana This epsdio delayed few hours, with appearance of long minutes, after this, reflected, laughs at my desperation (has a little of theater, but happened) and learned several lioes with a simple case of the life, between them, some deserves to be here: – S TIMES, IS NECESSARY TO LOSE TO GIVE VALUE; IT KEEPS THE CALM; IT HAS FAITH NOR THAT SHE IS IN STO IPHONE, IT OF THE HOPE; IN THE END EVERYTHING OF THE CERTAINTY, IF DID NOT GIVE CERTAIN, IS BECAUSE NOT YET IT ARRIVED IN THE END; AN IMPORTANT ONE THAT IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE FORGOTTEN: IT TAKES CARE OF WELL OF WHO IT IS OF ITS SIDE, BECAUSE YOU CAN LOSE OR BE STOLEN, AND THERE DOES NOT HAVE SKILL QUE SAINT. AH, STEVE JOB WAS NOT THIS COCA-COLA ALL, YOU MORE PRA FANTA GRAPE AND HAS BETTER SPEECHES the typical fact report is the robery, foreseen in the CP, Art. 155 – To deduct, for itself or for they outrem, mobile third party property, with Penalty – reclusion, of 1 (one) the 4 (four) years, and fines, however, vocbulo ' ' roubo' ' it is impactante in the text Lieutenant-Colonel Andres worked in the prisional system and ' ' who of the soup pra thief is chain cook (sic) ' 'he is one dictated popular of that community.