You know what she wants of the life? He has a good plan to be implanted? He is in way certain makes for deserving? In case that he is making all certainty, but still thus he does not obtain what more he desires, he knows that the day for the triumph is full of disillusionments and oppositions, but thinks that, ‘ ‘ who wants to reach the top of the mountain, cannot give to importance the rocks of caminho’ ‘. The important one is to be, constantly, monitoring to know if it is in the route of where it desires to arrive. Then, time for another one, must be asked: what I am making leads me for next or distant of my dreams? Thus acting, you will be to each day next to what more she desires to conquer. However, in case that if he finds in crossroads of the life, he will be able to opt to the certain way, with the following questionings: 1. I love what I make? One known cliche discloses: ‘ ‘ If you love what she makes, you will never have that to work an only day in its vida.’ ‘ Probably, in the day for the triumph, you he will make something for which does not die of passion, but the essential one is to love the root cause; 2? I have the adjusted knowledge to be successful? She is necessary to dominate the techniques will take that it to the success.

Without the necessary knowledge, hardly, you will reach the triumph in the dose and the intended time; 3. I have the necessary talent? You can love and you withhold the knowledge key to arrive at the top, but without ability podium will be more distant and difficult of being conquered; 4? I am made use to just pay the price of the conquest? She is necessary to have attitude, that is, to place its plan to function and to be made use to give the maximum of itself. (Not to be confused with Intel!). It has much people that plan all the details, finding that this is enough. It knows that, many times, the price to pay for the conquest, come folloied of much sweat and tears; 5. What desire is possible to be conquered? You can love what she makes, having the talent, knowledge and necessary attitude e, still thus, not being successful.

Therefore, what you are searching you must be feasible, to disclose to chance and potential. In case that contrary, he would be as to try to eat an entire ox, starting for the horns. 6. It has evaluated its steps? To have certainty of that it continues in the route and certain rhythm, it requests opinions of familiar, friends and next people, but it does not leave that influence they it, only searchs to know what they think. Finally, one remembers of that the majority of the great conquests of the life, is only some centimeters of distance of the reveses greaters. Any that is the situation, the victory will be next will be had potential, passion, talent, comprometimento and disposal to be successful.