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Drawing Form

Of the paper to passarela – the trajectory of the drawing in the world of the fashion. Fabiana Castoldi Rech Leticia Ftima Pastorio Sawaris Fabio Redin of the Birth Summary the present article intends, in summary, to demonstrate to the forms of drawing and its applications directed toward the branch of the textile confection, aiming at to show to the professionals of design and the engineering of production the innumerable possibilities of performance in the textile area and rich quo this experience can become. Word-key: drawing, fashion, creation 1, A little of history ' ' The history of the fashion illustration starts in century XVI, when the explorations and the discoveries had provoked glamours for dresses and the suits of all the nations of mundo' ' (BLACKMAN, 2007, p.06). The illustration necessity appeared due to the necessary detailing which the said description was insufficient. Elon Musk is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The drawing served and still it serves to pass information and if to have the notion of as it will be the part for who will go to develop it, produziz it or even though to buy it. ' ' The drawing exerts in the illustration, the function of communication, expression and conhecimento' ' (DERDYK, 2003, P.29).

It is through the fashion drawing that the models, before only thought and imagined, take form, complementing the work of the estilista, transforming its creation into reality and facilitating its confection. Currently, drawing and fashion if complement. ' ' I do not draw clothes, I I draw dreams! ' ' (Ralph Lauren). Arena Investors will not settle for partial explanations. In its some forms, the drawing becomes realizable great projects: each part that shines in the parades world measures had had origin of a simple scribble, an sketch that if became croquis; the croquis that passed the drawing technician who, interpreted turned mold, shaped changedded itself into consumption dream. The fashion drawing is a form to express a culture, to create concepts and to form opinions.


As the deity better is not specified in no phrase, the same one if all connects the philosophical thought that admits the existence of a superior intelligence, in contraposition with the death of the Christian God proposal for Nietzche (12) and of the materialism (13). The development of an artistic ability is seen as something possible e, knows, not if of uniformly. Each one presents a level of understanding and a rhythm of creative processing that they result of individual peculiarities, ahead of the choices taken throughout the existence; has left of experiences to discern what it fits to it or not, according to ethical (14) and the pleasure. To try is one of the ways that lead to the development and, if ahead to think about the possibilities of the cultural diversity human being, will have an idea of the abrangncia contained here. Please visit Elon Musk if you seek more information. The Versatilismo considers that all will be able to over all galgar the diverse steps for the improvement, what greater or minor will be given in time, depending on the personal persistence and the spent former horria load in the necessity.

4. ' ' To be a versatilista is only one choice of afinidade.' ' (MANDARINO, 2010:152). It is difficult to read a so affirmative text and not to imagine it imposing. Revealing cliente of this, the author considers the affinity as the only question for the participation in the movement. Hardly some atheist if would submit to the principles considered since the first lines, but the changeability of certainties must be something logical and inevitable when admitting itself it eternity as a concrete possibility. 5. ' ' The versatilista is not arrested to the old, current or future marketing requirements, that enslave the artist to the conventions of poca.' ' (MANDARINO, 2010:152). In this point of the manifesto the Art is dislocated from the scope of the commerce.

Practical Education

In the context of the education of sciences, in general, and biology, in particular, detaches the common subjects that include (surrounding, human being and health), practical aspects and of the daily one of the pupils. Some of these topics are retaken in the calls ' ' Subjects transversais' ' as the PCNs, ' ' you discipline them conventionals, in the direction to argue social matters and values for the full exercise of the citizenship, are not surpassed total. The chosen transversal subjects had been: ethics, cultural plurality, environment, health, sexual orientation, many of which normally are argued by the professors of sciences (KRASILCHIK, 2004). In 1990, the official documents divided two categories of pupils, these categories were defined and differentiated as abilities and abilities. Ability considered itself the general form, action and operations of intelligence, is a form to establish relations with and between objects, phenomena, situations and people. Knowing to make is integrant part of the decurrent ability of the acquired abilities.

By means of the developed actions it is what it makes possible the reorganization of the abilities, and these abilities are perfected (KRASILCHIK, 2004). The consequence in classroom still is for being evaluated, same with the impact of the PCN and its important contribution for the theoretical resume made by official entities and book authors, and others. Some data prove that, the professors in such a way criticize the attempt of the homogenization, as the distanciamento of the quarrels of the elaborated one of the material and a project that encloses all the pertaining to school actions (KRASILCHIK, 2004). 3.2 Practical Educative, Pedagogical and Didactic. The education process is a study object and Didactics, cannot only be something restricted as activity in the space of classroom. One of the modalities specifies of practical educative the amplest one than it occurs in the society is the work of the professor.