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Medi-globe Support In Purchasing Invites Consulting

Optimization of conditions of purchase by competent consultancy Dusseldorf, February 2010 the Medi-globe GmbH was founded in the 1980s has mallet consulting support in improving shopping search. The company has its core business in the manufacturing and sale of instruments for the flexible endoscopy. In addition, Medi-globe sells innovative solutions for cardiology, urology and wound care can be found. The company is also distinguished for minimally invasive treatment methods. In less than 15 years, Medi-globe could generate revenues of over 80 million with these products of less than 5 million.

Through the acquisition of GIP Medizintechnik GmbH in 1996, particularly the worldwide sales benefited from the affiliation of the Medi-Globe Group. The rapid development of new sales channels, Medi-globe can count worldwide 50 countries to their target markets. The global network of dealers and subsidiaries and offices in the United States, France, Brazil and China are significantly This success involved. Mallet was now commissioned consulting to adapt the conditions of purchase for the requirements of today’s market. Tailor-made concepts and strategies guarantee an efficient alignment to the market the company. The standing in the focus of increasing return on sales is not a plated analysis document, but guaranteed first measurable effects of Medi-globe GmbH immediately after the start of the project. More information about mallet consulting at: