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The BEINGS LIVINGS CREATURE the human being, the other animals and the plants sufficiently provoke interest and curiosity in the pupils: ‘ ‘ why lagartixa does not fall of teto’ ‘? , ‘ ‘ Plants exist carnvoras’ ‘? , ‘ ‘ Why some flowers exhale perfume and others no’ ‘? , ‘ ‘ What it would happen if the sapos they ate insects until they acabassem’ ‘. The questions, hypotheses, relations and associations are many that the children make around this subject. In function of this, the work with the beings livings creature and its intricate relations with the way offers innumerable chances of learning and magnifying of the understanding that the child has on the social and natural world. The construction of this knowledge also is one of the necessary conditions so that the children can, to the few, to develop attitudes of respect and preservation to the life and the environment, as well as attitudes related to compassion for the land. Petrpolis, RIO DE JANEIRO: k Voices, 1999.

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Social Responsibility

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND SUPPORT, THE NEW COMPETITIVE VALUES OF THE MARKET. The corporative social responsibility if presents as a subject each more important time in the behavior of the organizations, exerting impacts in the objectives, mission, values, culture, strategies and in the proper one meant current of the companies. The corporative support must be seen as a boarding business-oriented, to add value the company, its products and its mark. Therefore, social responsibility and support are about corporative governana. The proper competitiveness is associated with the support of the business, that full when will only be extended to all the productive chain.

One evidences, thus, that the economic force is intrinsically on to the preservation of the environment, what it represents a change of culture in corporative world e, because of this, involves a work integrated with the interested people. The support is a concept that depends on all: companies, governments, society and individuals. She must to be understood as a sistmica boarding which claims that all the elements influence and are influenced reciprocal. We are in accustoming to hear on social responsibility and support in the companies. In the reality, support is one of the words of the fashion in the corporative world, and nor always it is applied of a correct form.

Then we go to start for there: what she is a sustainable company? I would define of the following form: she is the company who generates profits for its shareholders without causing negative impacts to stakeholders. But what he comes to be stakeholders? Negative Stakeholders all that are reached of positive form or for the actions that the company comes to practise. Stakeholders is the employees, the customers, the environment, the community, etc. This if also applies the small company? We cannot commit the error to think that support if only applies to great corporaes& these only ' ' aparecem' ' more because they possess a bigger reach and therefore they have impact in a bigger number of people.

Finance Sector

The initiative has for itself to call the attention for the importance the collection and discarding of materials you recycle, in function of the amount of the raw material leftovers that reaproveitada would produce great amount of plastics generating new products to the market. An area destined for installation of a mechanical mill, the triturao of this reused material, generating new raw material for the consumption. After area of study of this enterprise, being that set free for the financial sector, it still passes for approval of the direction for its execution. This material of the leftovers and the recycled ones will be stored in metallic dumps-cart for disposal of the production.

The plastics is material synthetic polymers of the great flexibility of easy modeling through heat and pressure and substance cousin of the most varied objects. Being generally of the oil, they possess mixture complex and different temperatures of boiling, possible to separate them through the destillation process or craqueamento. Its characteristics of fusing or melting are divided in two groups in accordance with called thermoplastic and termorrgidos. The plastic originates from the Greek, its discovery was for the development of the system of vulcanization for Charles Goodyear in 1839, adding sulphur to the rude rubber. According to Schonbein (1846), the creation of the nitrocelulico, with addition of sulfuric acid and acid nitric to the cotton. The celluloid was developed, with addition of the camphor, this new product became substance cousin in the manufacture of photographic films, balls of sinuca, plates you would teethe and balls of drip pongue. The bakelite was the first synthetic polymer being able to be considered the first plastic created in 1909 for Leo Baekeland, it was the result of the reaction between phenol and formaldehyde became if useful for the hardness, resistance to the heat and the electricity.