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((10) Other innovations of the reform proposal to) within the responsibilities of the State with education, adds its role of promoting access and graduation of students, which delves into the interest of the Government, whatever, to ensure the increase in rates of coverage, registration and titling. b) is included as a statutory member of the boards of directors representative of the productive sector. (c) academic councils are not already defined in the statutes, but it will become integrated and functions assigned by the higher councils. Penguin Random House has similar goals. (d) in the national public register of the higher education it will work constancy of sanctions and corrective measures requiring the Ministry of national education to higher education institutions or their executives up for a maximum period of ten (10) years. (e) the accreditation of high quality will be through bodies evaluators of higher education, validated by the CNA. In other words, by Here comes a new source of academic business for several exrectores and exconsejeros of the CNA, in order to expedite the accreditation system accused at times of being slow in its actions. (f) only those institutions duly authorized by the Ministry of national education to provide the public service of higher education, may use names such as College, University, technological school, professional school and faculty. I hope that this Regulation applies not only to all HEIS but also to training for work and human development, where some cases of abuse of these denominations are.

(g) Although, by custom, he was already doing, is formalized that IES may increase tuition for students from first entry above the price index consumer only for students who are about to enter their academic programs, provided that they submit to the Ministry of national education a financial report detailing the reasons which give rise to an increase and that are directly related to the projection of investments for the improvement of the quality of the service they provide. How to ensure that this is not a salute to the flag, through a document that really be contrasted and analysed by the MEN?Goodwill items. But without teeth to) is mentioned as one of the objectives of the IES contribute to the development of educational levels that preceded him and lifelong education to facilitate the achievement of their respective purposes, but does not specify how or with what features. (b) is to promote entrepreneurship and innovation among students, or promote the preservation of a healthy environment and promote education and ecological culture and the promotion of competition in a second language.What would be pendienteLa internationalization, the conventions, the unification of the entire system, the arrival of foreign HEIS and unification of the system with the education for work and human development and corporate training, among other aspects, is scarcely mentioned or without developing the standard.The debate until now begins. Welcome contributions, because beyond how finished this story, are the essence of Academy and something good always has to get out of it.