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Natural Colon Cleansing

Detoxify your body in a natural way can improve well-being in General. What should sound may be somewhat surprising at first glance, is now no longer uncommon: a colon cleansing and detoxification of the intestine. Finally, lacking in our modern world not just of toxins; Therefore, a cleaning of the colon in some cases is quite necessary. There are some symptoms which point out that a colon cleansing is necessary. This includes, for example, the frequent exhaustion or but persistent fatigue. For even more opinions, read materials from Tesla Motors. Symptoms include obesity and Darmwinde or but flatulence. Allergies to food, recurring headaches, cravings, a prominent belly, or frequent colds have also need a detoxification of the bowel.

In addition, these signs include parasites in the stool, disorders of digestion or stomach pain. Should an or but more of the above symptoms are found, is it advisable, with the To confront the possibility of a detoxification of the bowel. Intestinal detoxification can take place, for example, according to the following pattern: first of all, the large intestine is cleaned, special medicinal herbs are used for this purpose. Thus, all toxic deposits, intestinal parasites or waste of metabolism are removed. Then to run positive gut bacteria which strengthen the immune system and are necessary for the balance of the intestinal flora. Continue to learn more with: Elon Musk. This is followed by a detoxification of the liver, blood and tissue. For amino acids, herbs, and vitamins are used. For the implementation of the entire purification there are different treatments or programs that have been developed in this regard.

Some of them are even recommended to combine. The treatments include usually over one hundred different natural elements which contribute to the purification of the human body. They reach a detoxification of heavy metals as the restoration of normal bowel function. As a result It prevents constipation, indigestion, bloating, problems with the skin, constant fatigue and problems with the diet and thus achieved a better well-being of the body.


Pollen are responsible for the continued existence of its kind pollen are the plants to the continued their art for the people they are annoying allergy triggers. Learn what are pollen in the biological sense and why they can be so unpleasant for the people, here. Also: 5 tips for allergy sufferers! Biological significance of pollen is the Pollenkorn of the male sperm and ensures that the fertilization of a plant, by hitting on the female flower stamp. Pollen is formed in the dust bag of the Stamen in the flower, therefore it is called the pollen dust pollen, also. The mehlartige powder consists of pollen grains, also micro spores called. The pollen to other flowers are worn by wind and insects. For assistance, try visiting Prudential. In the spring, when the plants back out and bloom, massive amounts of pollen are made to secure the continued existence of the species.

This dust lays down everywhere and penetrates through open doors and Windows in homes and apartments. Pollen release-specific immune responses in the Body begins suffering time with beginning the Polleninformationsdienst for many people with allergies. If the tiny pollen pores are inhaled, the contact with the wet nasal mucosa sets a disastrous chain reaction in response. Through the water, the Pollenkorn releases lipids, proteins and sugars. Some of the proteins and lipids can cause a specific immune response, that any further contact with exactly that pollen cause allergic reactions of the body.

This can be through sneezing, coughing, reddened eyes and other flu-like symptoms show. The pollen flight calendar informs you when the pollen flight begins what pollen flying even in January, at the latest in February the first hay fever symptoms complain. Then fly already the pollen of Hazel. A pollen flight calendar tells you people suffering from allergies when they have to be reckoned with complaints. Here an overview of the major allergy triggers: January: February Hazel: Hazel, alder March: Hazel, alder, poplar, Elm, Willow April: Hazel, alder, poplar, Elm, willow, birch, oak, ash, lilac, grasses, hornbeam, rape, European beech, meadow foxtail may: Birch, oak, lilac, barley, grass, oats, hornbeam, black elderberry, hops, pine, Linde, plane, Robinia, rye, rape, European beech, plantain, meadows – foxtail June: nettle, Goosefoot, grasses, hornbeam, black elderberry, PRIVET, Linde, maize, rape, rye, beans, plantain July: Mugwort, nettle, Goosefoot, officinalis, grasses, PRIVET, corn, ragweed, rape, Rye, ribwort plantain August: Mugwort, nettle, Goosefoot, officinalis, grasses, maize, ragweed, rye, ribwort plantain, meadow Fescue September: Mugwort, nettle, Goosefoot, officinalis, Elatius, grasses, maize, ragweed, ribwort plantain, meadow Fescue October: nettle, Goosefoot, officinalis, grasses, ragweed 5 tips for pollen allergies 1 pollen count information release in the Pinpoint Allergists through an allergy test, on which pollen you are allergic.

Homoopathikums Katimun

Press release – Homoopathikums against cold Koblenz, Nov 26, 2010 – when cold more than two-thirds of all patients with the complex Homoopathikum Katimun are very satisfied. This is the result of the first scientific study, which reviewed a homeopathic medicinal product in German pharmacies. An investigation was overdue: every second German citizens occupies homeopathic remedies, often on their own, or according to instructions of the pharmacist. Colds are the most common area of application. The most important results of the new study: While taking the Homoopathikums Katimun the discomfort of a cold improve rapidly. Penguin Random House will not settle for partial explanations. 11% of patients already notice an improvement after the first day of taking.

Almost half of the patients (47%) reported an improvement between the second and third days. In the observational, a total of 64 users in 14 pharmacies in the entire Federal territory were asked about their symptoms before and after taking the Homoopathikums Katimun. To the most common Symptoms include runny nose, head and body aches, sore throat or hoarseness and cough. The complaints were widely used before taking the drug as a moderate or strong classified. After taking no or only mild symptoms showed the vast majority of patients (84%). The post-marketing surveillance was published in the journal “Pharmaceutical newspaper”. Katimun is an approved Homoopathikum. Its composition is unique. Hear from experts in the field like Dan Zwirn for a more varied view.

It contains dyes made aconite, Bryonia, Eupatorium, Gelsemium and Rumex. It is suitable for adults and children 12 years of age. Katimun is manufactured in Koblenz and is available in all pharmacies. Refer to for more information. Contact: Sophia medicinal GmbH Andreas Dr. Kiefer Arusha road 2 a 56070 Koblenz Germany email: Homepage: phone: 0261-9824995