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It is undeniable that the experience and intuition are part of this process, thus our findings are not, but from a subjective aspect. However, it is necessary to minimize what we speculate and support our conclusions by facts. It is also necessary to consider that in any dyadic exchange, both parties give rise to another some kind of sensation. It is key to neutralizing the emotions that we generate and define the respondents, being aware, those effects that provokes the candidate, whether they are favorable to the interview as well as those who stand as an obstacle to proper interpretation of the facts. It is essential, therefore, do not judge the actions of another but in terms of incentives offered as interviewers. Sometimes, in an attempt to show what we can offer as a company or lead towards the interest of the applicant, we tend to provide excessive information about the company, the details of the position or on issues related to organizational culture. While we provide a comprehensive and complete, possibly longer appropriate to employ at the expense of space we give the interviewee so that you can dwell. Now perform a brief recap on some concepts that will be useful at the time of interview: – The selection interview is a scanning technique that unfolds as a process of communication between two or more persons, with the objective set out to determine the correlation between the repertoire of skills of a candidate and a particular job profile for a specific company. .