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Code Process

Dominguez Rodriguez Elvita paraphrase: that the Attorney is optional when it is born of the will of the co-parties. That is why Article 94 of the Code of Civil litigants are considered as independent and therefore acts practitioners do not harm or benefit others. 27 In comparative law, this class or division of joint litigation, can be configured as the right to sue or more subjects to call several defendants to the same process, this figure is not imposed by law, but rather permits provided that the actions born of the same title or merge into a single cause or order (LEC. Art.156). 28 This kind of joint litigation is characterized by the mere fact respond to the free and spontaneous will of the parties involved in the process because it is not imposed by law or by the nature of the situation in question. While the constitution at the mercy of the process, this does not refer to plaintiff and defendant, but the free will of the actors as only these are the ones who can voluntarily join together to act together to sue several people at once.

29 As a result of the court must also decide for each of the claims covered or homeless. 30 The sentence is formally single comprehensive in the sense that it examines all claims brought by the different co-parties, as exceptions to be solved. This does not mean in any way, that the sentence is identical for different co-parties, because in principle it can be different, not only as to the amounts that different results.