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GDR Constitution Freedom

Witnesses reporting / / GDR a heavier way by Manuela Palisetty short content. Clearly, a young girl does not come with the DDR system. She want out of this country. Tried legal exit request to leave this country, shaded, denounced, and hunted. The only way is an escape.

unprepared, doomed to failure. She is arrested and goes through hell, just to be free. In the Constitution of the German Democratic Republic from April 7, 1968 is under article 20, paragraph 1, that every citizen irrespective of his nationality, his race, his philosophical or religious confession, his social origin and position the same the German Democratic Republic, has rights and obligations. Freedom of conscience and belief is guaranteed. All citizens are equal before the law. Also sought to guarantee the Socialist social order, that being her life in full respect of his dignity, his freedom, and their human rights in accordance with the rights and interests of the socialist society, the State and its every citizen Citizens could make.

The GDR Constitution guaranteed the right to freedom and still many other things. My way out of this DDR in the freedom was hard. But I never gave up. I left him and I am free today.


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Survival Literature

Considering it one to be relationary, it implies to give importance to it because you are important, since you are agent in the opinions and social manifestations and politics if supporting in them in speak above of the cited author. The masculine, responsible culture for vetoing what it happens of the woman, it contributes of certain form so that feminine literature did not rest and it was not found insignificant. The conception of that it only had a literature, had as masculine, served for the man as a repressor mechanism of feminine literature. The woman has much time writes and questions the originated irregularities of a patriarcal system. In the attempt of if eternalizing as synonymous author and of being able and social control, the man if nominates rule. In this direction literature loses a little its essence and the identity of a people. Wedge (2001, p.22), regarding the subject masculine literature verses feminine literature discourses saying: ' ' In the enclosure for bullfighting of the quarrels and the controversies, as many nervous and irritated times, avulta the question of the survival or the falling of trees of the literary rule, that before serves of beacon and measurer to authorize the admission of the workmanship in the sky of elect or its banishment of that world of the Deuses.' ' The process of canonization in literature seems is associated with the effective culture, by means of the optics of the author above cited. In this aspect alone he was attended the man this condition, since the power centered in its hands, exhausting its literature and limiting the word of feminine authorship, that therefore beed situated to the edge of everything (culture, society, politics). In with poetical license one expects that it has a change in the vision that if has of the woman in the society. Society this that still conserves the hegemony of the man.