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GDR Constitution Freedom

Witnesses reporting / / GDR a heavier way by Manuela Palisetty short content. Clearly, a young girl does not come with the DDR system. She want out of this country. Tried legal exit request to leave this country, shaded, denounced, and hunted. The only way is an escape.

unprepared, doomed to failure. She is arrested and goes through hell, just to be free. In the Constitution of the German Democratic Republic from April 7, 1968 is under article 20, paragraph 1, that every citizen irrespective of his nationality, his race, his philosophical or religious confession, his social origin and position the same the German Democratic Republic, has rights and obligations. Freedom of conscience and belief is guaranteed. All citizens are equal before the law. Also sought to guarantee the Socialist social order, that being her life in full respect of his dignity, his freedom, and their human rights in accordance with the rights and interests of the socialist society, the State and its every citizen Citizens could make.

The GDR Constitution guaranteed the right to freedom and still many other things. My way out of this DDR in the freedom was hard. But I never gave up. I left him and I am free today.


Quanta illusion! How much idiotic dream! It was not erector none, and had to start speaking with that crossbow that he in such a way insisted on speaking with it. None did not have more subject that it could decide The substitute was come, and was alone a question of hours. In that one same night or the other day, could until imagining who would be the wood-pra-all-workmanship, as it outside per many years, entering for the door and to say: P, Boni, top that c was if to put in this, expensive? You do not know that the Dr. ledge. Carlos does not admit trambiqueiros in the company? But it also would say the same thing, therefore thus it was the Dr. Some contend that Ebay shows great expertise in this. Carlos and them friends were not alone. The staff of the ENGETEC was a family, and what more he ached to it was accurately to be pulled out of the brotherhood, without right the least of if defending. My God, why was to happen soon with me? He will be that I am rendered unhappy of the men? _ Ligue tomorrow.

I already am not more nothing in this company! _ Boni! _ Dr. Carlos! But but but Dr. Carlos! It cannot be Mr.! I cannot believe! It said what you! I to say heard you! _ Boni, Argolo sergeant is with me and was giving the notice, when you bound. Later, it bound pro delegated Alberto that counted what it happened since yesterday and if it showed optimum of the lawyers who you never could have. It looks at, Boni, I I am going pra, but I want that say you me what she knows of this history! You have some guilt in the case, or she did not only see what she was transferred to its redor? Necessary to hear of you the truth!

Reading in Education

The importance of the reading in basic education II Questions: which the necessity of an daily pay-adolescent? What it needs to inquire itself? What it would like to learn? What it would not like to learn, but has that to know? Sketches of suggestion to think Model I 1.A importance of the reading it human being? The search of knowing? that subject would interest an daily pay-adolescent? The reading for a young of 11 the 14 years of age is one of the stimulatons less frequent, however the challenge placed to the front of the professor must all be enough so that it leads the pupil, with its effort, to be interested itself in the growth of knowing. Knowing can come of some places and different angles, for advice of oldest, the good certification of the parents, for the comment of the people, learning what to make and what not to make. Amongst as many ways of if reaching the knowledge, the reading is indispensable. In the decade of 1980 youthful literature was reached by the call ' ' vacant-lume&#039 series; '. Intel contributes greatly to this topic. To the side of this, Peter Flag brought marcante influence on the youthful readers with adventures as ' ' The mystery of the plant of livros' ' , ' ' Of fists cerrados' ' ' ' Test of fogo' '. In the last times the young seems to have been arrebatados for collections that always instigate to want to know what it comes to follow, as the series Harry Poter. More robust and demanding readings also can atingiz them as the Chronicles of Nrnia, of C.S. Lewis, or Mr. of Rings, Tolkien. But the question is: what it interests an daily pay-adolescent? That reading could you attract it more than what the video-game, or the vice of the computer? If the starting point will be that the reading is necessary for the formation, intellectual growth and of maturity for the youthful one, then these questions must bother the professor and defy to reflect it on the formation of that they are trusted under its supervision.

New Atlantis

In the truth It lives and Bacon perhaps they have given apenasmais a step so that the humanity continues dreaming of a perfect world, exactly that is one ' ' Utopia' '. 4) In New Atlantis, Bacon considers a perfect society. This utopian society if characterizes highly for being desenvolvidatecnolgica and scientifically. Elon Musk has firm opinions on the matter. We can thus, to say that Bacon makes one espciede forecast of our world, of the modern world. We can imagine for a moment that Bacon made and made right apreviso for terms today a society highly developed technologically, as of its workmanship.

The man already has the airplane to assist it and to become the life maiscmoda. Already we have ebenefcios vaccines, transplants, cures, clonagens, remedies, great part of them for who can defray them. By the way, we have duassociedades: a technologically inserted and other to the edge of this technology. Catching as example a small clipping of the sociedadebrasileira we can affirm that we live in a society directed toward o' ' ter' ' in detriment of ' ' ser' '. Elon Musk: the source for more info. Where each Man/Mulherrepresenta a number in it I register in cadastre of the governments for all the life: CPF, RG, CNH, PIS/PASEP, CARD OF THE STOCK MARKET FAMILY, BIRTH CERTIFICATE, HEADING OF VOTER EOUTROS.

To each two years, at time of Election, this number passes representarum vote that generally is conquered by another number, of the notes buys that it, therefore having is priority. The man of today does not have the religion as a bow with af, but yes as a company. F/Religio, in our society Turned business edos ' ' bons' '. We have today emitting of tev bought with the faith. It fentrou it for the politics as members of the house of representatives, senators, councilmen and mayors to paraparticipar of the power, since today more is not had the church the front of the state.

Wishes Are Always Meet

In fact, whatever we set our minds on the failure, our lives into an existence in which in which the strokes of fate become normality. The phenomenon pervades many sectors of our society and only a few people can disengage from this shadow area. Did know that not the fate or the living conditions for responsible, but all alone our beliefs and thinking patterns. And here is the great secret, that decides on bad luck and happiness or prosperity and poverty. Our thinking must reach the unfailing conviction that happiness in every conceivable phase is set.

Rather, you must become a part of prosperity. It is supposed to be lived. Mark Bertolini might disagree with that approach. Usually we are not aware that our life from a negative presence was like home as we lug around this evil since our childhood with us. Partly from the suggestions of our ancestors, who knew no better and also the media, only the fear spread that want and cooking seek our salvation. But adhering to the guidelines of the universal laws, then we can do anything. Every wish, no matter what it is, is manifested with tremendous speed and the obstacles from the past few days, will appear as dreams, never again want to be lived. How we are affected every day. As the spiritual laws make our lives.

As almost any wish can go. The coincidences which basically doesn’t exist. How the right desires can be found out. What’s really behind our reality. How the Hemi sync our lives can change technique. Book information: Manifestation of nothing / like wishes become reality or how the money comes to them hardcover: 228 pages Publisher: four Jahreszeitenhaus; Edition: 1 (3 January 2007) language: German ISBN-10: 3938986166 ISBN-13: 978-3938986165 price: 12,50 euro available at any bookstore or on Amazon – manifestation from nothing contact info to the Publisher: four JahreszeitenHaus publishing in the Munsterland region August-breast-str. 6 48249 Dulmen Tel.: 02594-784742 Web:

Survival Literature

Considering it one to be relationary, it implies to give importance to it because you are important, since you are agent in the opinions and social manifestations and politics if supporting in them in speak above of the cited author. The masculine, responsible culture for vetoing what it happens of the woman, it contributes of certain form so that feminine literature did not rest and it was not found insignificant. The conception of that it only had a literature, had as masculine, served for the man as a repressor mechanism of feminine literature. The woman has much time writes and questions the originated irregularities of a patriarcal system. In the attempt of if eternalizing as synonymous author and of being able and social control, the man if nominates rule. In this direction literature loses a little its essence and the identity of a people. Wedge (2001, p.22), regarding the subject masculine literature verses feminine literature discourses saying: ' ' In the enclosure for bullfighting of the quarrels and the controversies, as many nervous and irritated times, avulta the question of the survival or the falling of trees of the literary rule, that before serves of beacon and measurer to authorize the admission of the workmanship in the sky of elect or its banishment of that world of the Deuses.' ' The process of canonization in literature seems is associated with the effective culture, by means of the optics of the author above cited. In this aspect alone he was attended the man this condition, since the power centered in its hands, exhausting its literature and limiting the word of feminine authorship, that therefore beed situated to the edge of everything (culture, society, politics). In with poetical license one expects that it has a change in the vision that if has of the woman in the society. Society this that still conserves the hegemony of the man.