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South America

Villamayor adds that 25 years and more live, and that if a pet tries to bite a toad skin Farewell a substance that gives the sensation of itching in the mouth, which makes the attacker to quickly release the prey. They preferably feed on insects and worms. Two varieties, which in reality are not kururu (Toad) but jui (frog), despite the fact that their respective names begin at kururu are mentioned in both dictionaries. Thus, kururu pyta (literally: red or colorado Toad) is a frog that is not Toad, but a large frog. It is edible, very tasty meat. Then there is the sayju kururu (literally: yellow Toad) is a large frog that changes color. Moreover, the dictionary of Villamayor describes frogs follows: Jui: frog. Frog, in the fam. More information is housed here: Aetna Inc..

Ranidae. He lives in puddles, streams and damp places. Among the varieties of frog are mentioned to the jui hovy (literally: Blue Frog), known as Frog monito with vertical pupil, with notorious parathyroid glands. Hands and feet prensibles, with its opposable thumbs. Slow movements, he lives on the vegetation and made their nests on branches above the water.

It adapts to dry environments and not dehydrate is covered with a substance produced by glands. Then there is the jui titi (literally: girl frog): or small frog; and finally, the jui pakova (literally: banana frog or the bananal): known as rana calf. It is an arboreal species that inhabits the trunks of bananas, hence its name. The current territory of the Paraguay was the pre-Columbian seat of the nation Guarani and other native indigenous communities, not Guarani. Subsequently, after the conquest, and the colony was constituted the current Republic of Paraguay, in the heart of South America. Also, this continental space was always populated of large forests and mountains with many varieties of animals, whether they are aquatic, terrestrial or air; Hence, the indigenous first – creator and owner of the Guarani language – always lived in the natural context and therefore nominated in Guarani virtually all species and varieties of Zoological and Botanical; among them, the Toad (kururu) and rana (jui).

Costa Rica

Belize this small gem of nature and the only former English colony in the area, has a hardly comparable natural heritage in a very small territory. Half of the surface of Belize is covered by tropical rainforest, giving home to one of the best-preserved communities of Jaguars of the continent. Belize is also known worldwide for its magnificent coral reef, favorite destination of divers around the world. For this reason, the entity in charge of tourism in the small country has chosen to use the ingenious phrase Mother Natures best kept secret or of mother nature’s best kept secret. All this natural charm is combined with a picturesque English colonial style architecture. Mexico our neighbours in the North and consolidated tourist destination offer US the phrase Vive Mexico.

The tourist knows that Mexico offers a very varied product and single character that doesn’t need any presentation because it already enjoys world fame. Colombia Finally, we wanted to rescue, in our view, one of the most ingenious tourist slogans. Our South American competitor, has an exceptional natural and cultural wealth, being also the only country in South America with coastlines into both oceans. However, Colombia has enjoyed on occasions of notoriety by his insecurity, but thanks to effective Governments and quality this problem has been resolved and improving. Because of this the Colombian tourist brand is the slogan Colombia, the risk is wanting to stay. This creative slogan explains that the only risk that tourists will run in Colombia, is now the stay delighted with its beauties and not wanting to return home.

These slogans are just a small sample of the ingenuity used to promote tourist destinations, capturing the essence of a place in just a few words. For more beauty and attractions anywhere that has, always will a team to convey that image to these reps throughout the world that are hungry to discover new and exciting destinations. Ricardo Cazorla. ameuropeservices. com Welcome to AMEUROPE GLOBAL & INTEGRATED SERVICES, your guide and personal assistant in Costa Rica. We are a company formed by professionals from different countries and cultures living in Costa Rica, having the same objective in common: the offer to all our customers the best service and most exquisite personalized service; help to settle and integrate in Costa Rica with minimal effort, plan your vacation trip, finding the property of your dreams and give you the best advice for investment opportunities.