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Middle Ages

Mag also finds the quality and vibration corresponding vibration element and then spends her energy through itself (air, fire) or draws, it is in vibrational resonance (water, earth). Again, a classic example – "Avatar". These days, watching this type of magic can be mainly on the subtle planes, as an element of combat. The essential elemental magic also has two paths – the path of the contract and the way of ruling. Unfortunately, the most famous and practice in Europe is the second type of spontaneous intrinsic magic.

From the Middle Ages to the present day written many books on this subject, that many even unaware of other ways, calling it blasphemous, a dead end road magic elements. Such a "magician" in the beginning sets up the surrounding space, filling it with objects, signs, scents, so to attract the spirits disaster plan. Then, the other ritual acts, limits their freedom and brings anguish. Aetna Inc. will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Struggle begins, which often defeats the "magician". Essence then are forced to obey him in exchange for relative freedom. Magicians and sorcerers of the Slavic lands, the Druids and Scandinavians also practiced mainly the essential magic, but went through with the contract. This path was to take the dedication and find kinship with spirits of certain elements. To this end, the practitioner was removed to a place that most closely matches that element, which correspond to its own internal quality.

In addition, he had to prove their right to encroach on communication, because his spirit, because the place was chosen with a fair amount of extreme. Water – rafting on mountain rivers or frail boat in the ocean. Air – rock or wobbly bridge over the abyss. Earth – a dark deep cave. Fire – vent. Should not just overcome your fear, but to achieve a state of rest, harmony with the chosen venue. Then, while in a meditative state, a magician literally dropped in a spontaneous plan. Now he could communicate on an equal footing with natural essences feel comfortable in their world. Now he could ask them for help, but at the same time, if need be, he should be ready to help. Over time, resulting in frequent stay on the natural level, the magician masters energy type operating. One of the most common misconception about the elemental magic is that the magician is able to capture only one element. It is not. Anyone can master all the elements, manipulate simultaneously. Of course, other than going through the ruling. Besides, at some point the two branches, the essential and vibration, merge together. However, work should begin with the elements, the quality of which is in you prevail, with that you can easily find within themselves.

Procedure Species

_ Mixing genes between species: transgnicos. Transgnico: Organisms that receive and incorporate genes of another species. Example: Transgnicos animals are produced by the injection of DNA previously clonado from a species in eggs of another species. In general, one or more molecules of the injected DNA become incorporated it the chromosomes of the cell-egg, being transmitted to the cell-children when the zygote if to divide. When the transgnico organism if to reproduce, the incorporated genes will be transmitted the descendants, as any another gene.

_ Transgnicos between animals and plants. The genetic manipulation of plants is simpler than of animals, a time that is relatively easy to get a complete plant from an only cell genetically transformed. the genes that if it desires to introduce in the plant are on the molecule of the plasmdio You of the Agrobacterium bacterium tumefaciens, that it has capacity to combine it the chromosome of the plant. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Aetna Inc.. DNA in vegetal cells can also be introduced bombing them with very small metal particles with DNA adhered in its surface. cells that incorporate the genes are induced, for vegetal hormones, if to multiply and to originate complete plants, that will be transgnicas. Two well known transgnicas plants of the population are the transgnica soy and the maize bt, set free only for the feeding of the cattle. (bovine, namely).

_ Unmasked the human genome. Geneterapia: Procedure for cures of hereditary illnesses human beings for the substitution of the defective genes, in the cells where they express themselves. _ The human project genome. The human project genome officially had beginning in October of 1990. In 26 of June of 2000, the Francis researchers Collins and Craig Venter had announced the conclusion of a general sketch of the human genome: constituted of about three billion pairs of nucleotdeos, distributed in the 24 chromosomes of our genome, that is, in the 22 autossomos and sexual chromosomes X and Y. Only 3% of the three billion pairs of bases of the human genome they correspond the genes; 97% are sequencias no-codificantes, that is, not transcribing for RNA molecules. I number it of total of human genes is about 30 a thousand. The amount of genes is not what it makes the difference, and yes as they function and its relations between itself and with the environment.

The Valuation Of The Good Actions

Optimum example the pedagogia teaches that the people learn with examples and not with words of advice. Therefore, it does not advance to smoke and to condemn the tobacco, to be violent and to condemn the violence, not to read and to indicate the reading. The true attitude capable to transform positively the structure social hodierna is to disdain the lamentable notice, so emphasized for the media, and to vigorously divulge the good examples found in the society: in the soccer, it is recommendable to detach the smoothness of a teams who plays the ball for is of the field, so that the adversary can receive attendance medical; in the politics, if it cannot leave to praise those that denounce corruption acts, being subjected it the most diverse possibilities of retaliation, also running death risk; in the religion, it is easy to know leader involved in social projects; in the family, many parents and brothers live joined for the love; in the enterprise way, he is possible to identify companies who have socioeconmico commitment. Of this form, an analysis reflexiva of the communitarian behavior discloses that good-faith acts, happily, still can be lived deeply and must receive bigger prominence so that they can have educative value, that is, are necessary to create the fashion of the good example. Thus, instead of showing a TV program that gave space of one hour of its programming, in noble schedule, to ‘ ‘ Maniac of the Parque’ ‘ , which received soon later hundreds of letters of gotten passionate women, who knows the press can notify the delinquncia, without the habitual sensacionalismos, however emphasizing reporters of solidarity, peace, justice, respect and, over all, citizenship.

The Intervention

In addition, it is a way of ideological manipulation of groups to be able social and a form to be able politician. It belongs, therefore, to the game of forces of the society and alone are understandable by means of its logic (p.13). With this concept, SON standes out the marketing value of the notice and its form of preparation pair to become it attractive its purchasers. Already for MOTTA (1997, p.305) the notice is something complex, Motta writes that it ‘ ‘ it intervines some factors and the end item is the possible rocking of all eles’ ‘ , that is, for it the notice is the addition of the real fact, plus its attributes, more the intervention of the journalist selecting the part of the Real that interests to it. I cannot leave to cite the HUNTER vision (1998, p.144), according to which exist some angulaes to appraise notice and, between them, the ones that they see not as one ‘ ‘ mirror of realidade’ ‘ , but as one ‘ ‘ construction of realidade’ ‘ , in which the journalist, conducted for the logic of the objetividade and the imparcialidade, in the practical one, is affected by innumerable factors take that it to interact socially and to carry through a series of negotiations during the process of production of the notice. As if it can see different points of view exist on what it is notice, however believe to be it main it and essential substance of any journalistic way, either printed matter, rdiojornalismo or telejornalismo.

Therefore later that the facts are divulged and known it only is that the subjects which if they relate can be commented, interpreted and searched for the public. The notice has informative and factual character and is the base for construction of the news articles that possess a interpretativo style.. Under most conditions Aetna Inc. would agree.


What it would be Really? Far from trying to base one, only the proposal presented here would be a reflection concerning the subject and some presented nuances being of illustrative form. Since remote times that if the famous truth searchs, we can cite the Philosophy of Old Greece, going of the daily pay-socrticos until our society contemporary, thinking, for example, in a Claude-Lvi Strauss. Passing for diverse theories that deny or look for to validate the call truth, being that the proper negation is an affirmation of the negation and the affirmation a negation of the refusal, also with all a systematization to look for to take care of the two opposing proposals. We can in sending to the misticismo and the search to them for an inconceivable, absolute truth and undisputed, what a Metaphysical construction would regimentaria all, but also it can imagine Parmnides and all an empirical experimentation that converges to the truth to what it is, being that this ' ' ' ' if it relates what exists and we can contemplate, although exactly the Metaphysical can use an argument on the abstraction to exist in the abstract field, being able even though to arrive in the truth that is reached by the cognitivo method of an individual. Clearly that the materialists could urrar, therefore they would atrelariam the true what is concrete and consequently subjecting the abstract to a previous experience, a quarrel that can last without becoming fertile, in view of not the resolution and the propagation of speculative and mere fugidias conjecturas to a systematization. Here we adentramos the scientific truth, that one that is from the moment that I can systemize and prove, beyond as &#039 cites Weber in its workmanship; ' Science and Politics: Two Vocaes' ' , to foresee, or to foresee, not being associated to no prophecy, but yes to a logical set of probabilities.

Feudal Society

For Locke if it does not have to modify the Natural laws, because these rights are capable to create the harmony and social peace. They are deriving questions since the existence of the man in establishing norms of social convivialities. In the current days, it notices if, exactly that the social contract total positivado, with hypothesis some intervenes with the basic principles, as the freedom, the right the natural life, and other aspects. Already for Rousseau, the nature state is a situation of inaquality, which had to the social and economic differences, and therefore that it ratifies the importance of the social contract to rescue these rights that in many cases are deficient or inexistent. One of the main reasons of Rousseau in the defense of the social contract relates if ' ' servitude or escravido' ' that they could be practised for that they withheld of the power. Bringing for the present, and of a general way, all the workers are in service and enslaved, the difference is the type of less arduous work and. It is a servitude and differentiated slavery of some passed years, therefore beyond the remuneration, he is not obligator if sociological questions (diffuse sanctions imposed for the society for the individual that does not work) not to intervine.

But it does not have no worker who is free, same the autonomous worker, therefore he is imprisoned to the work, depends on it to survive. The work, at the same time frees, therefore it of the conditions to survive, but it arrests at the same time it, therefore it depends on it. Analyzing historically other innumerable events that despertaram the curiosity of studious, also Rousseau, below is described in few words that express to the concern of the author. It is called servitude to the condition of the peasants in the feudal period. The servants were the workers who were tied with the land, forming the social classroom lower of the feudal society.