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For in such a way, the book is divides in four main models of Church: INSTITUCIONAL, CHARISMATIC CHURCH, OF THE PREGAO AND THE LIBERATING PRAXIS. The present work will present the first one of the considered scenes: ‘ ‘ CHURCH INSTITUIO’ ‘ CHARACTERISTICS OF the CHURCH INSTITUTION to strengthen the institucional aspect of the Church, will be strengthened three main centers: A Bar Roman A Diocese A Parish Emphasis for clericais vestments until an expressive presence in the media. The Church Institution will give great relevance ‘ ‘ Cannico’ right; ‘ , to the Law, the Norms, the rules, the Rites. The THEOLOGY will predominate the tradition guaranteed for the authority Will receive fort pressure from the Institution, being that an official Theology will command the register theological. Recently Ebay sought to clarify these questions. The more a new Theology if to move away from this register, more coercion will suffer. The two Teologias that had been more reached will be: ‘ ‘ Europeia’ theology; ‘ ‘ ‘ Theology of the Release of the Third Mundo’ ‘. The EUROPEAN THEOLOGY Such Theology wanted to answer to the question: how can honest a person in modernity, to believe? For this, she tried to work the questions raised for the scientific and philosophical reason modern.

One of the exponents of this theological chain, is Karl Rahner., that as well as other colleagues who follow the same line, had problems with the instances Romans. THEOLOGY OF the RELEASE the Theology of Latin America suffers the same restrictions that the European Theology. Moreover, it introduced a complicador: it was come close to the marxism. The Theology of the Release elaborates its reflection to the light of the faith of the people, compromised in a liberating process.

Social Inclusion

He will be that he was considering the psychological damages of the social exclusion? He made if it, seems that he did not give the importance due. He happens that the said social inclusion is word of order currently, in way that, in its name, rioters are tachados citizens, such its importance. Brian Krzanich may also support this cause. Here where alive, (Bag, RS) nestings exist ghosts, therefore ‘ ‘ without terra’ ‘ that they had been enclosed, they had given in the foot, when they had received chance to work for, at last, to be part of the productive society. Aristotle said that the worse form of inaquality is to consider equal, the ones that are different. It was the case, delinquents had been equalized the workers and gave in what she gave. But, my focus is the preceituada alienation spiritual of the values of the world, that Jesus said that he would have to follow to its.

When Peter said and reiterated that he imports more to obey the God who to the men, seems that he walked in the steps of the Master. Today, the fear most visible is of being criticized by the press, tachado of ‘ ‘ politically incorreto’ ‘ , this, haunts to the neocristos. But if Jesus if disclosed one ‘ ‘ without noo’ ‘ , clearly that it must its doctrine pass for a reform. It imagines that it arrived to affirm that, ‘ ‘ the life of any does not consist of the abundance of what possui.’ ‘ Luc 12; 15 Happily, this was corrected by ‘ ‘ Theology of prosperidade’ ‘ , and now we can proclaim freely that It is an auto-aid master, and that ‘ ‘ In it ‘ ‘ we can prosper inda in this land greatly.

Espirito Santo

Operation of miracles (To be able supernatural to intervine and to neutralize terrenas and satanic forces immediately, being applicable in any area: health, marriage, finances, etc.). 6. Prophecy (Expression divine inspired and ungida, proclaiming in known language the message of God; Intellect, faith and will are in operation in this dom, but its exercise does not have intellectual base and brings the public the Words of the Spirit of God, being able possessed and to be operated by all full Christians of the Espirito Santo). 7. Discernment of espritos (to be able to detect the domain of bad espritos and its activities; also used to discern the plans from the enemy). 8.

Variety of languages (supernatural Expression in known languages of the falante, not demonstrating the habitation and action of the Espirito Santo. They can be existing languages in the world, languages more not said (deceased) or total unknown for the race human being). If you have read about Brian Krzanich already – you may have come to the same conclusion. 9. Interpretation of the languages (To be able to disclose the meaning of the languages, not functioning for the human intellect, but for the mind of the Spirit. It is not a translation, but an interpretation of what it was said by the Spirit).

I Corntios 12:8 Because to one it is given, by means of the Spirit, the word of the wisdom; to another one, according to exactly Spirit, the word of the knowledge; I Corntios 12:9 to another one, in the same Spirit, the faith; to another one, in the same Spirit, dons to cure; I Corntios 12:10 to another one, operations of miracles; to another one, prophecy; to another one, discernment of espritos; to one, variety of languages; to another one, capacity to interpret them. Corntios 12:28 To some established God in the church, first, apstolos; in according to place, prophet; in third place, masters; later, operators of miracles; later, dons to cure, socorros, governments, varieties of languages. Important: This is only one form to understand the dynamics of the kingdom, but without a doubt, as our God acts of multiple forms, this agreement does not establish a limitor, barrier or final word. Dons is distributed by the Trindade of crossed form, always aiming at the growth and matureness of the church. *** And always we must remembering in them as main: THE BIGGEST REWARD OF GOD IS THE SALVATION. AFTER ALL, GOD ARTICULATED THE SALVATION OF THE HUMANITY OF DEFINITIVE AND WONDERFUL FORM. Joo 3:16 Because God loved to the world in such way that he gave its unignito Son, so that all what in it believes does not perish, but has perpetual life.