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Sensitive Cancer

Cancer loves comfort and strongly welcomes the comfortable and stylish "shields" in their armor. Antique, collectible items and this will please homebody. Flower Note: Sensitive Cancer will appreciate Irises and white roses, lilies and daffodils, lilies and snowdrops. But the subtle energy of such a man can disturb the scent killer – carnation, mimosa, or peonies should not donate. Gifts to Leo, "I wish / I rule" – the motto of the regal Leo! Do I need to say that the people of this sign above the total value of status presents – expensive and stylish things by themselves claiming rank holder, gold, precious stones.

Of course, stylized aristocratic things will perceived to "Hurrah!" Leo – Sun sign, and loves all the yellow and orange. Flower note: Leva happily accept a gift of a dahlia, chrysanthemum, mimosa, peony, tea or yellow roses, carnations. But tulips and orchids – may cause rejection, beware! Gifts Virgo Virgo follows Leo and holds the intellectual assault on the outcome of sometimes chaotic reign of Leo: "I analyze" – the motto of the Virgin. Generally, the Virgin – one of the most complex signs of the zodiac, which includes three completely different character types: from a gentle and shy to the hard, cynical and even ugly. But we can, nevertheless, highlight common to all Virgos: practicality. Knowing the value of money Virgo likes gifts that bring maximum benefit. The slogan "The main thing – attention" to the virgins rarely goes! Flower tip: give Virgin asters and mimosas, carnations and roses, bluebells and violets.


Be honest with yourself. If you want to say your problem boldly out loud or write down on paper, but then leaf burn. Second, now in your mind there is a well-defined problem and thus motivation to solve it. Create yourself a clearly stated goal of your desires, that is what you actually want to achieve and write it down, he said aloud. If you know exactly what you want, then your brain will be much easier to solve its task, that’s what is needed clarity formulation. Third, find some time to dream about their future happiness, imagine that you have with your loved one and as you well with it, enjoy these thoughts.

But not for long, otherwise you’ll have a painful feeling that this is not. And the present and enjoy my thoughts to for the emergence of the fierce desire and effort to move forward towards your goals. Fourth, you have a clear goal, a great desire and of course the strength to move. It remains only to keep in mind constantly in motion on toward its goal, that is, you have come to think or plan, you immediately tested them in real life. If you stay, you will come back to the painful sensation of desire.

Or if you think too much, think a lot of plans, but do not check them in reality the same thing happen. Set a rule of thumb: think – did, and of course try to stick to it. Now you have everything you need for success – a goal, a great desire to achieve power, it remains only to act. Many people do not take seriously the plans succeed, but in vain, take any famous book on how to be successful and you will find something similar. We are all human, we all have a Soul, mind, consciousness, subconscious mind, for many years the great scientists have studied these features and vyvili patterns allowing work to make our internal systems efficiently. All that remains to do is to use all this knowledge for their own benefit, that we often simply laziness.