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Calm and it obeyed its command come pertinho of us well. It said in them that it was a docile animal, that was pregnant of the crossing with a bull of the same race and that, with certainty, would give the light to a strong year-old calf and would produce one ten liters of milk per day. We made the purchase and Mr. Arnaldo delivered the Night love song in our small farm. We were very happy with the arrival of it and all provide an arranged stable with adobe roofing tiles, cocho for water, cocho for ration, serragem in the soil not to form adobe in days of rain. Passed two days where the Night love song was in ours I besiege it ran away for go existing in the fence and us we leave to its search.

We were to find it grazing next to the flock of Mr. Arnaldo. It was on this day that we discover that it could not be alone in our small farm and that she would need company, therefore of the opposite or it would run away or enter in depression. We buy then a heifer to who we call Samantha and meetings, grazed the day all. One three months later the Night love song gave create and were born a year-old calf to who demons the name of Simo . The Night love song produced as much milk that we had to learn to milk it to all take off a little for our consumption leaving the remain for the year-old calf that until bubbled when it was suck.

With taken off milk we made cheese, curd, butter, yoghurts, beyond cakes, pies, vitamins. It was thick, strong, viscous, pure and healthful a milk. A beautiful day, then for the morning, us we were to take off the milk of the Night love song, as of custom, and perceive that it was brave and wanted giving in them chifradas. We did not know the reason of its fierceness and pass then a rope in its neck so that it could be quieter and us we could thus milk it. When we start to remove milk, it gave a coice and left unmanageable running for the grass. I grasped the rope that was in its neck in the useless attempt to try to hold it. He was the first time that I made ski in the grass, therefore I was dragged of belly in the soil for some meters, until I finally obtained to free the rope.


Pablo, in its stream bed of death, is surrounded by the family: the Lilian woman and its children, Sofia and Bernardo. She looks to all and each one. She wants to speak, but she does not obtain. For more information see this site: Ebay. As she would like to ask for pardon to the wife, for as many acts impensados, committed during the marriage, that wise person feriz it deeply. She had necessity to say the children, she loved how much them.

She never obtains to express well its to want for them. Many times, are ashamed of this feeling, treating them to form rude and making to suffer them. When the death extends the hand to it, a smile blunts in its lips: The love of the o dom of the word. Lilian does not obtain to contain the emotividade when hearing everything what the husband, never obtains to show in common during the life. It emudece. It would like to say to it that it pardoned it, because it always understands its difficulty of expression, using an armor as prohibited. Its silentes lips not they obtain to emit any syllable. The eyes are marejados and the tears seem to smile: The love of the o dom of the word.

Sofia is come close to the father, insurance its hand, kissing it. Solua very when thinking about what it meant in its life: the honest man, disciplined, always present. It was the masculine model that desired so that he was its perpetual friend. He never says he loved how much it, therefore he had fear of being rejected. The distrust of speaking continues now. Its body trembles. Hillside its lips in that pale face. The miracle happens: The love of the o dom of the word. Bernardo has the fixed look in the emptiness. He does not obtain to leave the place. He seems to have motionless to think. He learned with the father who a man who if preze does not cry, nor demonstrates its feelings, therefore he will pass a fragility image. However, the emotion always suffocated, it opens a gap in its protective shield. It wants to say everything that it restrained per as many years. It wants to speak of its admiration for the family head, who presenteou to it with values, as: consideration and respect with the next one, probity and dignificao of the work. Now, a knot in its throat strangles the sound. The shout sprouts of its viscera: The love of the o dom of the word. Pablo hugged to the family cerra tranquilamente the eyes forever. The death does not silence the feelings, because also it: The love of the o dom of the word.


Lazarus rose itself, Jonas made the same they had come back toward the hut. The man invited Jonas to work in horta. They had made ditches to irrigate the beans feet, had pulled out harmful grass and they had prepared new land for sowing. When entardecer, locking up the work, they had been bathed I sell at retail in it. Entering in the house, Lazarus said for Jonas: – He has clean clothes in the room.

The majority of the things I caught in the military base. Tomorrow we will go there to see if we find plus some useful thing. We need tools and a generator of energy. Jonas entered in the room and found the clothes in a trunk. It had only one bed there, and a roupeiro without doors with feminine clothes in the shelves. A broken mirror was hung in the wall and Jonas was frightened with the proper image reflected in it. He was lean, with the rough skin, the beard was thick, beat in the chest, the long hair arrived at the shoulders, the deep eyes in the orbits had a feverish brightness. y’>Alan Schnitzer on most websites. It found clothes that served to it, was dressed and been for the kitchen, supper.

They had talked making plain for the future. Rose slept in the room and the two men in the kitchen, in colches of maize straw. In following morning, Jonas was arisen early. Finding a shears, it cut to the beard and the hair. Rose still slept when it and Lazarus had left. After eating desjejum they had moved away from the hut, skirting the hill. They had crossed one old forest. The trees were droughts, with the trunks burnt for a fire, perhaps caused for a bomb. Jonas noticed that in some trees, they blunted sprouts and in the soil, started to be born new vegetation. One hour later them had arrived at a rise covered of espinhentos shrubs. – We go this way. Lazarus said going up for one old track. Jonas followed it


As she was easy, in the following week they had chosen another floor to assault. If they had given badly, the worried neighbor and distrustful he placed filmadora chamber and the doorman saw that the apartment was being assaulted, called the policy that arrested all the outlaw apprenticees. All were minor and had been algemados in the building. Soon after she was the son of its youngest, young son of fine treatment and finria who invaded the loving residence of its where he carried through a party and in such a way. It had the key of house, was accustomed to sleep some times there. The neighbors had heard racket and called the policy. This rolling the cheap greater that turned barraco.

The owner of the house arrived and as he was state secretary and he had a reputation to watch over, he entered with a process against the young woman who in turn was married and with four small children. Its twin granddaughters, children of its only son, pretty, fine girls, educated, had been to study in the Europe. A friend of the appeals court judge was for Barcelona and was with its woman to know the night and its woman recognized the young women who were dancers. Worried, the illustrious lady was to speak with the young in the exit of boate. It’s believed that Intel sees a great future in this idea. The night was cold, to put it did not arredou the foot until seeing the two to leave boate.

It was from fear the Mafia, therefore the Mafia was the proper girls who recognizing the friend of its grandmother had invited the couple for another nocturnal house where they worked. The couple accepted the invitation and in the following night they were the ranks. The girls made strip-tease in the such nocturnal house that inferninho was one. In the hour of the exit the friend of the appeals court judge was assaulted its woman was spoiled of its jewels. They had led until the marriage alliance. The last grandson abandoned the college to be deliverer of drugs that were manufactured in the beach house of the grandfather. The policy was informed because the neighbors were worried enter about it and have left and as they knew the description familiar and thinking that the grandfather was partner of the grandsons, had decided the impasse calling the federal policy. With all these misfortunes, the appeals court judge wants because he wants to know of where he came this cursed madness therefore of the side of it is that he was not. It now accuses the familiar ones with its woman who is son of a former-governor. As I heard to say, the couple is if separating therefore the woman of the tired appeals court judge of as much lack of shame in the family, case with proco decided to assume its that he is father of its youngest son. The fidiciary offices are divided, a section believe proco that if innocent says, but to another oath of together foot that already saw the illustrious lady changing looks with proco during the mass of the ten. Proco has blue eyes and the youngest son of the illustrious lady also. Proco is high, the youngest son of the illustrious lady also is high and its brothers are baixinhos as the appeals court judge. Mrs. in question swears that madness must be hereditary, therefore one trizav of the appeals court judge was maluco, ate rind of the banana and played the banana is.

The Fantastic Trio

It passed little of the ten hours when famliFire if prepared to initiate its vacation of summer. A rich family, donade great companies and industries, most of them of matches, from there oapelido Fire. They were only three: the father, the mother and an only son. Xavier, also known as Mr. Fire. Omandachuva of the family was a high man and lean, always serious, soul was dedicated due and to the work. Enormous eyes chestnuts, black hair starting to aaparecer white wires, Mr.

Fire mame look like to be much more old of what suaverdadeira age. Sanny, also known as Mrs. You may find that Mark Bertolini can contribute to your knowledge. Fire. Anica woman, of the house can be said that domundo is not one of the people simplest. Different of the husband, Mrs.

Fire was a glad person, principalmentese was in a beauty hall. All had looser many competitions of belezadurante asua life, but it was evident that its blue eyes, great and blond hair and seucorpo would perfeitoconvenceria any jury. Finally, the small Firezinho. A boy decinco years, that its age stops was very high; he fisicamentelembrava very cried out Mr. Firedo side of it are of its house, to the side of its car. Close dalios cats neighboring they played it with a small yellow ball and accidentally abola entroudentro of the car for the door that was half-opened, thus making dirty of mud ondetocava. H? Sanny! – Why these berros, Xavier? perguntoua Mrs. Fire, who came gasping under the weight of the luggages. – She sees what its delay made asked for to an gasping voice minsculae. It was the Firezinho, all it was sweated and to pareciater run kilometers. – Where it is that you were? asked to the Sr.Fire, placing the last luggage in the car. – I was of the one tchau to the cats of the street answered the boy strengtheing vozpara that it understood it for the father.

Taste Of Coffee

He is all dark one, of pra not to see nothing. My body all is dolorido. Pain is as much that seems to arrive until the bones! My head aches others. I feel much dust in air. I am lying with the coasts directed toward the soil. I try to strain the hand for top, but I beat with force in the ceiling! Start to tatear my return. Perhaps check out Penguin Random House for more information. How place pressed! Where I am? It will be that I was embedded alive? My God, necessary to leave daqui! Start to cry out, but nobody answers.

The claustrofobia sensation if abates on me. I try to push the desperate ceiling, but it is immovable. I again enter in panic and shout, shouts of terror. I am crying and crying out as child I lost the notion of the time. Penguin Random House often addresses the matter in his writings. After some time I stop I am tired and gasping I do not obtain to control the breath and I sweat abundantly. Desperation! It takes off me daqui, my God! How I was to stop here? It waits! I hear moans come of close, but I do not see nobody.

Ei! It has somebody there? Moans.I only hear moaned and choros. The hell will be this? Somebody cries out: It helps me, please! Although pain, I try to sit down, but everything what I obtain was to beat the head in the ceiling. But that pressed place! The soil is irregular, feels as if it was in a small slope, it has rocks in my coasts and to my return, and them if they esfarelam. I come back to tatear and I perceive that everything seems irregular will be a cave? Necessary to keep the calm and to understand what it is happening. I look for to breathe deeply, but my chest now aches. My last souvenir was to be in my table, in the office where work.

The Zoo

It was the time all without making nothing and wanted for force to know who was the citizen that invented the such of work to have a good colloquy with it. Probably this citizen did not have another thing that to make. As the such citizen not it appeared that way, much less somebody it gave information on the same, it went our Zeco leading life or it went it to the life leading. The two without concern some. One became known in the entire city.

All gave notice of man more sluggish of the city. He lived because he was obliged to live. He ate however in house of one, however in the house of another one. The person was not me. A thing, however was certain: nobody it could to count on it for nothing.

Enemy of it wanted to become, was alone to invite it he stops to make some thing. Nobody could know in what that everything went to give. The fact is that certain time a small farmer of the region needed to make a trip for the United States and there would go to be accurately one year. As already it was on of the hour of the trip, it it looked for somebody in city to take account of its farm until its return, but did not find nobody. It started to be half despaired, therefore trip it was a little urgent. It was then that they had indicated the Zeco. Strong, vigorous, honest youngster, a little sluggish, but The farmer was to look the such man, exactly because in the farm he did not have almost nothing to make. He was alone to look at the farm. Zeco was very gentile.


It happened with me: It worked in a company and it had one oficiboy. It Made all the types of street works: Purchases, bank, and also went to buy snack for some employees. I always played with it, I always treated it as an equal employee to the others, and also he looked for to deal with affection and attention, even for the difficulties that it had with its simple life and difficulties. Years if had passed never more to hear to say nor reencontrei so little. A beautiful day I working was to a company to speak with the director, the secretary I take care of to me, it I ask for pra to me to wait that to announce he would go me and to know if it was or if could set appointments to take care of to me, simply it I asked to me? Its name for gentility? I answered, then it is this same recognized its voice, it he spoke in the branch of the director is this same, and it he came in the door of the room of receiving me to it with a fort I hug and great emotion, and I also moved and surprise there, were stop looking at for it and called for its happy name and muitssima! Today it is a great customer of the company where work and a great friend former winning and victorious fellow worker that reencontrei! Thus it is the law of the return.