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Registry Office

Keep in mind that the number of passengers, which is listed for a particular limousine, includes one seat, located next to driver. Therefore, if you want to see all the guests just inside the limo, you need to take a specified number one place. There are various options for limousines for the same number of guests. For example, for a company of the fourteen people can be rented as one long limousine, limousine and the two shorter, each of which can accommodate seven people. You can order the longest limousine in which to comfortably accommodate even twenty people, and you can rent a limo a few smaller ones. It all depends on the willingness of the newlyweds.

If the young prefer a romantic stroll together, we can stay in a small elegant limousine. The very first issue to be solved by choosing a limousine for a wedding is that of a wedding convoy. Usually for a wedding convoy prefer light-colored cars. As a rule, the registrar future husband and wife come on different machines. The ideal option is a black limousine for the bride and a white limousine for the bride. Also, quite often young people prefer the two light limousines, which are either the same color, a little different, but, nevertheless, are in one color and harmony with each other. After the official wedding ceremony is complete, the newlyweds leave the registry office and there are already waiting for them a limo for two, because now they have become one family.

Wedding procession may consist of several limousines, and may include only one limousine – for married couples. In the construction of a wedding convoy to take into account the color scheme vehicles. So, if there are cars in the motorcade, with excellent color from the general tone of the tuple, then they are usually placed in the tail. Wedding procession, which includes one or more limousines, looks great and attracts admiring glances. Typically, companies that provide wedding limousine rental services, and a necessary minimum time rental. Learn more about this with Brian Krzanich. As a rule, it is three hours, although it may change (usually in up). At this time there is time for the car, and it is also paid. Thus, the minimum rental limousine is about three to four hours. Now you can plan your time. Need take into account the way for the bride's home, it is important to think about possible traffic jams. Next you need to add time to the bride, if he expected. This is usually about an hour. Now – the path to the registrar. In the Registry Office is better to come early and wait in place, in this case it is better to take the time to spare. Thus, the expectation of a registrar and the marriage ceremony will take about two hours. Plus travel time to the registrar. Then usually follows the wedding skating. Usually encouraged to stay within a couple of hours, as more than a long walk fatiguing. Further it is necessary to take into account the time way before the banquet venue. This highlights. Perhaps the limo will be needed to continue, everything depends on the wedding. To the time you need to add another hour, just in case. Thus, you will get the necessary time renting a limousine. Limousine luchsche book with a firm that owner of transport and not with an intermediary. Thereby saving on the difference that the mediators lay in their profits. At the Moscow market, many shipping companies, we recommend Palaris transfer as a reliable partner.