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The People

What is what you enjoy to do? One of the best ways to increase your self-esteem is to do those things that you enjoy, because when doing you will be giving it the best thing of you. And when giving the best thing of you, the things will leave better, you will enjoy the process without apegarte to the results too much which will do that benefits even more of that task. To do what you enjoy to do will fill of energy and enthusiasm to you. In certain form it would be possible to be said that vicious circle is positive, and that is what we looked for. Which are your knowledge, capacities and abilities? It analyzes the activities that you have realised through your life and list those in which there are outstanding. It investigates as they are your capacities, that joint set of resources and aptitudes that help you or helped to carry out a task in particular. Again, if it is difficult to you to remember or darte counts of which they are, requests aid to your family, friendly, to the people who know you kill time.

They will be able darte to begin with the point. My knowledge are or I have knowledge of I am able of My more outstanding abilities are Which are the most significant profits that you have had labor? It remembers all the places where you have worked and tries to remember in as of them you have evolved of more positive way and as they are the things that you have obtained for you in those situations. It can be any thing, from a promotion or an increase of pay by your performance in simply a general sensation of well-being to be developing a task with a positive attitude. My more significant labor profits were Which are the personal experiences that have left to majors satisfactions you? This is very similar to the previous step but with your personal life. .