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Effective Web Design

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Financial Challenge

Often in the premises of great volumes the problem of the homogeneity of temperature in different points from the premises appears, particularly when it works in heating way. This type of the premises presents/displays certain particularitities such as: – Great volumes – Volumes (Racks) that prevent the air diffusion – tie Exigencies to the presence of the systems of sprinklage – Presence of the personnel in the zones of preparation of the orders – Presence of access doors to the zones of wharves Indeed, the temperature difference between the blown air and the ambient air can generate a stratification annoying of air, this because the hot air is but light that the cold air, therefore, in the majority of the cases is zones of hot air in the high part and zones of cold air in the low part of the premises. The air diffusion by traditional methods brings about in these premises a stratification, or great speeds of air. In addition that is difficult that they respond to the exigencies of hygiene and quality of the air. The phenomenon of stratification that appears in the premises of high altitude, can be controlled thanks to the air distribution by means of textile conduits of high induction, the added value of the textile conduits falls to its adaptability to the different ways from operation (cold, it warms up and reversible). The induction phenomenon allows to move to great air volumes guaranteeing a diffusion without airflows in the zone of occupation. When the air by means of textile conduits is impelled, the air is injected with high speed through calibrated orifices, creating turbulences that bring about an important depression around the orifices. This depression inhales the air that surrounds the textile conduit, allowing a very important thermal interchange between both air masses. The thermal interchange between the blown air and the ambient air appears around the conduit and the temperatures are quickly in heat balance.