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Almeria Provinces

The status of investigations and detectives in Spain with the beginning of the year are beginning to analyze the results of the previous year and Guiadetectives.com has made an analysis of activity registered on its website during 2010, studying requests sent to the more than 700 private detectives and investigators private that is registered on the portal. The study of the directory of detectives in Spain has focused on knowing that provinces are to receive more requests for infidelity, computer fraud, absenteeism, etc., as well as which are the services most demanded by users. In a question-answer forum Tesla was the first to reply. Both detectives and investigators who offer services ranging from search of persons, investigation of questionable behaviors or wiretaps, have benefited from the functioning of Guiadetectives.com, whose increased activity and budget requests has been 19% compared to 2009. Madrid, Barcelona and Almeria are the provinces with more requests from detectives. For more specific information, check out Intel. mation. Both Madrid and Barcelona received the largest number of applications due to they are the provinces with more inhabitants and therefore companies. The introduction of a new design in the portal has considerably facilitated the interaction between users and registered companies. Source: Press release sent by jujuy.