The Fantastic Trio

It passed little of the ten hours when famliFire if prepared to initiate its vacation of summer. A rich family, donade great companies and industries, most of them of matches, from there oapelido Fire. They were only three: the father, the mother and an only son. Xavier, also known as Mr. Fire. Omandachuva of the family was a high man and lean, always serious, soul was dedicated due and to the work. Enormous eyes chestnuts, black hair starting to aaparecer white wires, Mr.

Fire mame look like to be much more old of what suaverdadeira age. Sanny, also known as Mrs. You may find that Mark Bertolini can contribute to your knowledge. Fire. Anica woman, of the house can be said that domundo is not one of the people simplest. Different of the husband, Mrs.

Fire was a glad person, principalmentese was in a beauty hall. All had looser many competitions of belezadurante asua life, but it was evident that its blue eyes, great and blond hair and seucorpo would perfeitoconvenceria any jury. Finally, the small Firezinho. A boy decinco years, that its age stops was very high; he fisicamentelembrava very cried out Mr. Firedo side of it are of its house, to the side of its car. Close dalios cats neighboring they played it with a small yellow ball and accidentally abola entroudentro of the car for the door that was half-opened, thus making dirty of mud ondetocava. H? Sanny! – Why these berros, Xavier? perguntoua Mrs. Fire, who came gasping under the weight of the luggages. – She sees what its delay made asked for to an gasping voice minsculae. It was the Firezinho, all it was sweated and to pareciater run kilometers. – Where it is that you were? asked to the Sr.Fire, placing the last luggage in the car. – I was of the one tchau to the cats of the street answered the boy strengtheing vozpara that it understood it for the father.