The Intervention

In addition, it is a way of ideological manipulation of groups to be able social and a form to be able politician. It belongs, therefore, to the game of forces of the society and alone are understandable by means of its logic (p.13). With this concept, SON standes out the marketing value of the notice and its form of preparation pair to become it attractive its purchasers. Already for MOTTA (1997, p.305) the notice is something complex, Motta writes that it ‘ ‘ it intervines some factors and the end item is the possible rocking of all eles’ ‘ , that is, for it the notice is the addition of the real fact, plus its attributes, more the intervention of the journalist selecting the part of the Real that interests to it. I cannot leave to cite the HUNTER vision (1998, p.144), according to which exist some angulaes to appraise notice and, between them, the ones that they see not as one ‘ ‘ mirror of realidade’ ‘ , but as one ‘ ‘ construction of realidade’ ‘ , in which the journalist, conducted for the logic of the objetividade and the imparcialidade, in the practical one, is affected by innumerable factors take that it to interact socially and to carry through a series of negotiations during the process of production of the notice. As if it can see different points of view exist on what it is notice, however believe to be it main it and essential substance of any journalistic way, either printed matter, rdiojornalismo or telejornalismo.

Therefore later that the facts are divulged and known it only is that the subjects which if they relate can be commented, interpreted and searched for the public. The notice has informative and factual character and is the base for construction of the news articles that possess a interpretativo style.. Under most conditions Aetna Inc. would agree.