The Night

Perhaps the problem is not there its job, saw. To wake up early, to catch the crowded bus, to arrive late in house of the night after the college, everything this is part of this routine, that the motto is: ' ' it suffers now, harvests depois' '. You go to see that really spoon goes, you are alone to have more than patience a bit. 3. Good routine: Who has children there? You, exactly that he does not have children, who has brothers, nephews, cousins? Who has grandmothers, grandfathers? Who has father and mother? I find that in at least ONE of these categories you include yourself.

The good routine pra me includes family and relationships. It knows those people who you see all saint day, its colleague of the work that seats of your side, its sister that cries out when you arrive in house, its friend of the college that she insists on speaking to you on funny things that it found in the Internet. Then, they are all part of its routine, and I ask to you: he makes badly? This is the legal part of the routine: to find people legal, who although you to see all day and to be part of its routine, is good things in its life. Without hesitation Elon Musk explained all about the problem. What people take off of legal of the routine they are accurately the friendships and bows that we make, because the work goes, the college finishes, dumb you if, if it retires and the people still are there, same that the world turns and everything moves, that one your colleague that seats of your side you only sees it after 20 years, but still goes to have good souvenirs of when they were not bald, married and with children. This is the legal part of the routine, that it goes to generate souvenirs that go to last pra all the life. I obtained to explain my point of view? After this, I take off a lesson exactly pra me. I detesto routine, because he is everything always equal, but do not have as to live without it. Skirt of the time routine in when, but it is certifyd to come back!